Crown Chakra Stones

Crown Chakra Stones

Crown Chakra Stones

The crown chakra is very closely linked to our spirituality, not only our actions related to this but our ability to connect with both our higher selves and a higher power. Unlike the other six main chakras, the crown chakra is notably more difficult to keep open and it is little wonder when we look at modern life and how far away from being deeply spiritual it is.

That being said, there are many ways in which you can cleanse and unblock the crown chakra, giving you spiritual freedom and a chance to connect to the universe and the divine.

One of the most effective and popular ways of doing this is through the use of stones – or healing crystals and each crystal will work well with different chakras.

In this article, we are going to be exploring the best crown chakra stones that will keep the energy moving and flowing through the seventh chakra and give you access to spiritual heights you may never have thought possible.

Benefits Of Unblocking The Crown Chakra

Before we look at the best crown chakra stones, it is important to understand what we will gain from opening and working with this chakra – of course, we understand that heightened spirituality is one of the main effects, but what else can we expect to achieve through balancing the so-called thousand-petalled lotus?

  • You may experience vivid dreams which give you a glimpse into things that previously went unnoticed. This is one of the ways that higher powers will try to connect with you and deliver messages, so it is important to pay attention to these.
  • When the crown chakra first opens, you may notice that your emotions tend to be a lot more rocky, going from happiness to anger or sadness to elation in the blink of an eye – THIS WILL EVEN OUT and eventually you will feel that you have greater control over your emotional state and are much more easily able to ‘feel.’
  • One of the major things that will happen as your crown chakra becomes more balanced is that your focus will naturally shift. You will find that your interest in the ways of the world or material items will diminish and your love for all things spiritual will greatly increase. You should embrace this and go with it.
  • It is not uncommon for humans to be judgemental of their fellow man but as your crown chakra opens and you become more in touch with your spiritual side, this sense of judgement will likely fade away and you will begin to feel more compassionate and understanding to the plight of other people. You may start to make the effort to heal these people both inside yourself and physically. Additionally, you may relate to aspects of their suffering and tend to these issues in relation to yourself.
  • Psychic abilities are more closely related to the third eye but it is true that, as the crown chakra opens, you will have greater access to these abilities in both your waking and sleeping hours.
  • You will likely notice that things appear more clearly to you and you achieve a much deeper sense of wisdom as the crown is balanced and cleansed. On top of this, you will become more grateful for your life and begin to express this gratitude in your lifestyle.

The 5 Best Stones For Cleansing The Crown Chakra

Since the crown chakra is associated with the colour violet, or in many cases, white, it would make sense that the best stones for its healing are in these colours. In addition to this, many crystal healing experts will recommend that stones with higher vibrational frequencies work best with the higher chakras – of which, the crown is one.

For the best results, it is a good idea to work with all of the upper chakras – the heart, throat, third eye and crown together to achieve the best results for opening the seventh chakra.

Tanzanite Tanzanite crystal

This is a stone that comes in a beautiful soft lavender colour and is therefore perfect for balancing the crown chakra. What’s more, tanzanite is known to have particularly high vibrational frequencies, which as we have learnt, is vital when cleansing the crown chakra.

When you feel that the crown chakra is lacking in energy, placing a piece of tanzanite on or near the chakra can clear any blockages and cleanse the chakra.

In addition to this, thanks to the crown chakra’s ability to impact the other chakras within the body and to the high vibrations of this stone, using it will have a positive effect on all of the chakras, bringing them all into alignment.

Selenite Selenite Crystal

This is a clear stone, which can be used effectively for the crown chakra – when we talk about white stones, we are also referring to those that are clear. If you are looking to work with the third eye alongside the crown chakra, selenite can be of particular benefit.

It has the ability to not only cleanse the seventh chakra but also the aura, removing any congestion of energy in both of these, allowing the chakra to function to the best of its ability once again.

Additionally, selenite has the power to raise our awareness to new heights which is essential in developing our spirituality. Using this stone with the crown chakra will have an effect on our desire to move forward and can stop us from feeling stagnant.

Clear Quartz Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear quartz is one of the most commonly used stones when it comes to cleansing the crown chakra and it is little surprise when we learn that this high vibration crystal has the power to help us connect with our spirit guides.

What’s more, it can be used to give us deeper and more effective psychic abilities, so once again is perfect for use with both the crown and third eye chakras.

Our spiritual awareness will be greatly increased when using clear quartz to cleanse the crown and will expand our consciousness to levels we may never previously knew existed.

Due to its ability to truly amplify energy, as the crown chakra opens in response to the clear quartz, we will notice an improvement in cognitive function, clarity and memory as well as physical signs such as better hair growth and better nervous system health.

Amethyst Amethyst Stone

This is a violet coloured stone that is very popular in jewellery, in fact, there are many chakra bracelets, necklaces and other items of jewellery that are designed to be worn daily to maintain healthy chakras – and amethyst is one of the favourite gems for this.

However, it can also be used alone to cleanse the crown and will bring about the ability to achieve much more profound meditation sessions as well as giving us a greater connection to our spirit guides and angels.

When we use amethyst, we will become more connected not only with our spirituality but also with our physical body and will gain a much deeper understanding of any diseases or physical ailments that we suffer from.

This may give us an insight into any self-destructive behaviour that may cause these illnesses but also those that damage our ego and spirituality.

Those with unbalanced chakras are more prone to illnesses such as addiction and amethyst is known to play a dramatic part in raising our consciousness to levels that allow us to overcome such diseases.

Finally, amethyst allows us to develop better clarity of the mind.

Diamond Diamond Stone

Diamond is an extremely precious stone that is clear in colour and is favoured by those looking to clear the crown chakra and gain access to the divine consciousness. It is ideal for obtaining and maintaining a connection with higher spiritual planes and powers.

One of the main reasons that diamond works extremely well with the chakras, particularly the crown is because of its ability to effectively clear and unblock fields of energy.

What’s more, diamond is known to promote truth which is essential when attempting to live a spiritual life. In addition to this, the diamond can work well when opening the third eye alongside the crown chakra since it is closely linked with vision and intuition.

How To Know When The Crown Chakra Needs Cleansing

It is always a good idea to regularly balance all of the chakras as a way of avoiding them becoming blocked and ineffective. However, there may be times when you need to pay particular attention to the crown chakra and the following signs may be an indication of this.

  • Feeling isolated
  • Problems connecting with your spiritual side or issues in trusting God or the universe
  • No belief in a higher power
  • Learning difficulties
  • Confusion
  • Feeling an unbalance between the mind and body


Having a clear and open crown chakra can bring about many benefits where your spirituality and connection with the divine is concerned, however, this chakra is notoriously difficult to maintain and can easily become blocked, especially with the modern lives we all lead.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that we cannot cleanse the crown chakra and regain this higher consciousness.

One of the best ways to do this is with healing crystals or stones, with white and violet coloured stones being the most effective – things such as amethyst and diamond, for example.

Using these stones will show you that you are able to connect with your higher self and experience renewed spirituality, wisdom and a connection to the universe.

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