Protection Stones

10 Best Protection Stones

10 Best Protection Stones

Crystals have many powerful uses from opening the chakras to boosting our health but one of the most interesting uses for these beautiful stones is for protection.

Protection comes in many forms in the modern world, but going back to what mother nature has given us might benefit us more than anything else the world may have to offer us.

For many thousands of years, people have used crystals and stones due to their ability to heal and protect and we can see as far back as ancient Egypt that they played an important ceremonial role. Additionally, it is believed that the Romans used stones as a way of providing protection during battles.

Their use has not dwindled over time and generation after generation has passed down the knowledge of protection stones and benefitted from their shield against physical, emotional and spiritual harm.

In this article, we are going to be discovering the power of protection stone, how and why they work as well as exploring some of the most effective protection stones you can get.

In this article, we are going to explore how and why protection stones work as well as looking at some of the most powerful crystals on earth.

So, What Are Protection Stones?


When we talk about protection, this may often be understood as a physical form of protection and whilst crystals do have the power to provide physical protection, they also keep us safe from emotional turmoil, spiritual damage and bad mental health.

Protection stones are simply a way to use energy and vibrational frequencies to our benefit and there are many ways in which this can be done.

Some people will carry a protection stone on their person whereas others may place stones around their home, using the energy from them as a barrier of sorts that can remove and repel negative energy.

What Are They Used For?


With the amount of stress and worry that people are exposed to in modern life, it can be easy to fall victim to the negative energy and emotions of other people, they can literally rub off on you leaving you feeling drained and devoid of emotion yourself.

Protection crystals are able to offer protection from the emotional states of those around you and can repel any negativity. What’s more, they will stop you from becoming overwhelmed by emotions such as anger, sadness or pain whether these come from yourself or other people.

This is particularly important if you are sensitive to the emotions of other people – sometimes referred to as being an empath as this can have a serious impact on your own emotional state.

Many people are exposed to anxiety and this is becoming more and more of a problem where mental health is concerned.

Modern medicine would dictate that therapy and pills are the answer but could it be that protection stones can shield us from problems with our mental health and leave us feeling more confident and alive?

Furthermore, protection stones can keep us safe from negative relationships, something that is a common problem today with tensions running rife in friendships, marriages and professional relationships.

These stones can heal a broken heart, strengthen bonds with those around you and help to maintain these bonds, therefore, protecting you from heartbreak.

Our physical health is imperative to living a long and happy life and crystals are capable of protecting our physical health and there are many that are used specifically for this purpose – but more on that later.

It isn’t much of a surprise that crystals can give us protection from a huge array of things from keeping us safe as we travel to protecting our wealth and business affairs but one of the main uses of these stones is to provide a psychic buffer which serves to keep you safe in all situations.

Protection From Yourself

It can be difficult to accept that, in some cases, we do not need to be protected from anything in the physical or spiritual world but that, actually, we may need to be protected from ourselves.

Sometimes, we can make bad decisions or be so emotionally overwhelmed that we continue to have a negative impact on our own lives.

Whilst this is detrimental, it is something that everyone goes through but protection stones may be able to alleviate this and help us to get back on the straight and narrow, protecting us from ourselves.

What Are The Best Protection Stones?


Your situation and what you would like to be protected from will depend on which protection stones will be most advantageous to you. Protection stones can be simply held in the hand, worn as jewellery or placed around the home.

No matter how you use them, you will be sure to notice positive changes in your life as their protective powers are unleashed.

Rose Quartz Rose Quartz

One of the most frequently used protection crystals is rose quartz, in fact, if you were to ask anyone, even those with no prior knowledge of stones, to choose a crystal, this would likely be it.

Rose quartz is very closely related to anything concerning love and the heart. Not only can it unblock the heart chakra, which in itself will provide protection from certain physical and emotional health conditions but it also has the power to heal and protect relationships with those around you.

This doesn’t just mean protection for your romantic relationships, although this is a prominent feature here, but also protection for your relationships with friends and family and any living creature on the earth. (Buy it now)

Pyrite Pyrite

Pyrite is a beautiful stone in terms of appearance and this is something that initially attracts many people, however, looks are one thing but powerful protection is another and pyrite does not disappoint.

One of the most common uses of pyrite is to attract and protect money and our finances. This is particularly important for those who have recently started a business and need protection, allowing their endeavour to thrive.

Additionally, pyrite is often used as a literal shield, thanks to its reflective qualities it is believed that this stone has the power to reflect anything that is coming towards you, back and away. (Buy it now)

Amber Amber Stone

Many people are attracted to amber as it is thought to carry energy from the sun offering us a general sense of wellbeing and warmth.

It is also extremely powerful where physical health is concerned and not only offer protection from illness and disease but can also be very effective in healing when we are in recovery.

Amber has the power to turn negative energy into a more positive flow and this can protect our mental health, giving us a more positive outlook on life. (Buy it now)

Amethyst Amethyst Stone

If you are in need of an all-round stone that will protect and heal the spirit, mind and body then amethyst is an excellent option. It is known for its ability to heal conditions such as depression and anxiety as well as physical ailments like migraines and trouble sleeping.

Where physical health is concerned, amethyst is a potent protector giving relief from problems with the immune system, hormone deficiencies and help in the healing of wounds and injuries.

There is a wealth of other physical conditions that this stone can heal and protect from and for this reason, is widely considered to be one of the best protection crystals. (Buy it now)

Citrine Citrine Crystal

Citrine is widely associated with energy and giving a more positive energetic flow, protecting us from negative vibrations that may disrupt our lives. It is commonly used as a sleep aid and simply popping a piece of citrine under your pillow can give effective relief from insomnia.

In a physical sense, citrine can offer healing and protection from a variety of conditions. most notably, water infections and problems with the kidneys and well as improving circulation and giving us a detox. (Buy it now)

Black Tourmaline Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is very often used as a form of protection in the home. It can be placed near an entranceway and will protect us from any negative energy that enters our home.

However, this stone is also very powerful when it comes to protection whilst out in the world and is often used by those who travel a lot and in business. It is thought that black tourmaline can give us an additional protective layer in these situations.

This is a crystal that is also very effective at cleansing the aura and keeping our field of energy positive which in turn allows us to make the right choices in our lives and ultimately be happy. (Buy it now)

Malachite Malachite Stone

Malachite is a stone that is becoming more and more popular in fashion jewellery and it isn’t hard to see why when we learn that is is one of the most powerful protectors when it comes to willpower and strength.

This is a stone that can protect your confidence and offers protection from all the negative emotions and energy in the world.

If that wasn’t enough, malachite is known to keep us alert and ready for action which ultimately protects us from danger as we navigate our way through life. The colour green is highly associated with luck – think of the green Irish clover, for example, and this is not by chance.

Malachite is known to offer us protection in the form of luck – essentially, it can stop us from being in the wrong place at the wrong time, further helping us to avoid a potential threat. (Buy it now)

Moonstone Moonstone

This is a crystal which is frequently called the stone of travellers and there is a good reason for this. Moonstone is considered to be effective at protecting us from motion sickness and jet lag but can also offer protection in a practical way when we are travelling the world such as stopping us from losing important things like money, passports and other travel essentials.

Moreover, moonstone is thought to offer protection as we travel across water, keeping us safe from harm and is also very powerful at providing protection for travel in the hours of darkness. (Buy it now)

Tiger’s Eye Ttigers Eye Gemstone

If you are starting out on a business adventure or a new career, Tiger’s eye is thought to offer protection from failure in this aspect. Many people believe that it has the power to attract wealth and for this reason, is frequently carried by entrepreneurs.

It can help us to make quick and effective decisions and is great for inspiration and creativity. Many people take a piece of tiger’s eye into business meetings since it is thought to have the protective power to aid in negotiations and other important business events.

But it’s protection doesn’t stop there, Tiger’s eye is widely believed to give protection from other people especially those that pose a physical or emotional threat to us. (Buy it now)

Sugilite Sugilite Stone

This purple stone offers psychic protection and is often used by those looking to lucid dream since it is believed to have a powerful effect where this is concerned.

Sugilite has the ability to connect us to our deeper selves and offers spiritual insight and protection from all things negative.

By using this stone, you will not only be spiritually protected but you may also notice that you are much more freely able to understand your true purpose in life and beyond. The stone is closely linked to the third eye chakra and is frequently used as a way of cleansing this. (Buy it now)


Protection stones have been used all over the world for almost as long as humans have inhabited the earth and it is not difficult to see why when we look at the healing powers that these stones can have.

They are able to offer protection for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and do so in a variety of ways – taking care of our relationships, looking after us as we move about the earth and offering protection from negative energy.

Each stone has its own properties and can be of benefit in a special and unique way, depending on your needs, you can choose from a huge selection of protection stones and use them as jewellery, place them around your home or simply carry them with you.

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