Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening

How To Tell If Your Third Eye Is Opening

Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening

The third eye is located in the centre of the forehead and despite its associated with all things mystical and divine, it is something that we are all able to access. Each one of us has a third eye and its health and function highly depend on how you take care of it and how receptive you are to the intuition it provides you with.

It can be difficult to know what to look for to determine whether your third eye is opening but once you have a clear understanding of what to look for, you might be pleasantly surprised at how incredible it feels.

In this article, we are going to explore the sensations you might feel and signs your third eye is opening, allowing you to go with it and experience the knowledge and wisdom your third eye can give you.

A Brief Introduction To Your Third Eye

Before we begin to explore the signs of the third eye opening, we must have a clear understanding of what its function is. The third eye is one of seven main chakras found running along the spine of every human being.

A chakra is a wheel of energy and this energy, depending on its location is responsible for a variety of physical, mental and spiritual aspects. In the case of the third eye, these relate to wisdom, intuition and the physical health of the face, including the eyes and ears as well as controlling sleep.

In addition to this, the third eye delivers psychic and clairvoyant abilities and those with a clear third eye will be much more psychically receptive. Whilst some people have a more natural ability for this kind of thing, keeping the third eye unblocked and balanced will allow any of us to harness its power.

Benefits Of Opening The Third Eye

For a lot of people, the idea of tapping into the spiritual or psychic powers may seem intimidating but opening the third eye can be an extremely beneficial and wonderful experience.

  • Your anxiety and stress levels will be significantly lowered due to a connection to your higher self.
  • A greater sense of intuition will be achieved.
  • An open third eye can help with the law of attraction and give you the power to manifest the things you want in life, meaning greater success.
  • A higher sense of inner understanding allows you to navigate through life without fear.

Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening

Many signs signify the opening of the third eye and for many people, these may seem like the normal signs of being human. However, some of these signs may provide a clearer message that this is something beyond the physical and as such, can lead us to understand and work with our third eye.

1. Increased Sense Of Self

For a lot of people, this sign may go unnoticed, however, an increased sense of self is one of the clear cut signs that the third eye is opening and should never be ignored.

It can be easy to think that you are simply developing as a person – gaining new interests and dislikes as well as enjoying more complex things in life.

Whilst it is true that many of us will develop like this over time when coupled with some of the other signs on this list, this renewed sense of self can point to the third eye opening.

Having a heightened sense of self not only opens more opportunities for you but will also allow you to rely more on yourself rather than on other people which can lead to better success and reaching your goals.

2. Powers Manifesting

It may seem like something straight out of Hollywood but, believe it or not, as the third eye begins to open, many people will notice that psychic powers and ability begin to develop. This may be telepathy, clairvoyance or greater ease in performing astral projection.

If you have never experienced these powers before, it can be easy to become frightened but it is important to remember that the powers are not there to cause you harm and, when used correctly, can bring a lot of good into your life.

3. Feeling Of Pressure In The Head

One of the physical signs that the third eye is starting to open is something that a lot of people dismiss as a regular headache caused by life stresses or some sort of ailment.

However, the pressure that develops between the eyebrows could be more than this and is, in fact, thought to be one of the most common signs of a third eye that is opening.

You may notice that the pressure begins between the brows and feels almost as if it is radiating outwards. For the most part, this feeling will appear to come from nowhere and you may notice a warm feeling on the skin of the forehead.

Some people feel this as a pulsing sensation and whilst it can be an unusual or uncomfortable feeling, it will ebb away over time.

4. Foresight

Another of the most common signs your third eye is opening comes in the form of foresight which means that you may experience signs that lead you to know about future events.

For some people, this could simply be a gut feeling whereas other people may experience something much more profound. However you experience foresight, it is important not to ignore it, you are feeling this way for a reason and you should take this as an opportunity to be guided.

5. Feeling Sensitive To Light

As a result of the third eye’s ability to control our physical vision, as it begins to open, you may notice that you become more sensitive to light – this is completely normal.

As the third eye opens wider and wider, you will literally be seeing things in a new light and this can feel strange, abnormal, uncomfortable even.

But as your journey continues, this will decrease and will become your new normal. You may notice that colours begin to appear much for vividly and your general vision will be heightened.

Many people also experience literal lights in their vision. This is in relation to the spiritual light which appears as a white star with five points inside a golden circle.

This image has been widely recognised in various cultures across the world for thousands of years and is often featured in spiritual artwork.

6. Slow But Steady Changes

As you journey with your third eye and become more perceptive, this will manifest in your life and one of the things that a lot of people experience are slow but consistent changes in their lives.

Your new connection to your spiritual self will allow you to reap a wealth of benefits such as a healthier diet due to your heightened consciousness of what you put into your body, better relationships as a result of your newfound forgiveness and love or better abundance due to your drive and commitment in your career.

Quite often, these changes appear to come from nowhere and you may struggle to see how and why they have happened but one thing is for sure, you can feel confident that they are related to your third eye.

Many experts will advise you to log these changes and record any patterns that you notice as a way of confirming that your third eye is truly opening.

How To Open The Third Eye

There are some people whose third eye will open more easily than others, these people may be seen as naturally psychic or more spiritual. But since we all have a third eye, it is clear that any of us can access its power.

If you wish to start seeing some of the signs we have discussed, there are many things that you can do to encourage your third eye to expand. Let’s take a look at some of these.

  • Don’t ignore your dreams. Oftentimes, your third eye will show you things this way and so paying attention to this can give you a greater connection to it.
  • Practise meditation to open the third eye. There are some excellent guided meditations aimed at opening the third eye and certain binaural beats can also be useful.
  • Kundalini yoga is a form of yoga that is deeply spiritual and many of the kriyas which are practised within in are specifically designed to open the third eye.
  • A normal yoga practise is also ideal for opening the third eye and performing asanas such as child’s pose can be particularly good.
  • A healthy diet is essential to keeping all of the chakras open and the third eye is no exception. In addition, you may wish to eat foods that are purple such as beetroot, red cabbage and grapes.
  • Essential oils can work wonders where your third eye is concerned – lavender, white sage and sandalwood are known to be very effective.


Sometimes thought to be one of the most integral energy centres in the human being, the third eye allows us to harness the power that we may never have thought we possessed.

In some cases, your third eye may begin to open without you even trying whereas in other cases, you may need to attempt to encourage it.

No matter how or why the third eye opens, there are many clear signs that this is happening and the more receptive we can be to this, the better.

Both physical and non-physical signs may appear during the opening of the third eye and most importantly, you should work with these signs and embrace them in order to fully open the third eye and reap the benefits that doing so can bring.

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