Archangel Michael

The Archangel Michael – God’s Deputy

Archangel Michael

The archangel Michael plays a heavy role in the Christian faith and is believed by many to be God’s chief angel. That being said, he plays a prominent role is other religions and in the Islamic faith is thought to be an angel of provision, delivering knowledge and food to man.

According to the Holy Bible, archangel Michael will play a very significant role in the end times but does he have any other responsibilities? In this article, we are going to be getting an introduction to this powerful archangel and discovering exactly what his job is and how he can help us.

Who Is The Archangel Michael?

The name Michael means ‘who is like God’ and the archangel is sometimes considered to be God’s right-hand man, so to speak. He is also referred to as being the chief prince of the heavenlies and is thought to rule over an entire army of angels who will battle and ultimately defeat Satan when the end times arrive.

In the Catholic faith, believers usually refer to Michael as St Michael, but no matter what you call him, all names are connected to the same spiritual being.

What Role Does The Archangel Michael Play?

As we have already discovered, Michael is due to play a large role when the end times occur. According to the Holy Bible, he will command armies of angels in the battle between good and evil, over which they will eventually prevail. On the return of Christ, the archangel Michael will sound a trumpet call and all those who have died in Christ will be resurrected to reign in heaven with Him.

In ancient times, when the Holy Bible was penned, a hierarchy similar to that of the angels in heaven was in place on earth, making Michael’s position of leader or chief, very easy for us here on earth to understand.For this reason, if you read the Bible, you will likely notice many references to Michael’s military role, above all others.

In addition to this, in the years after the biblical times came to an end, many artists and creatives have been responsible for depicting Michael in their work, take, for example, the famous painting ‘Victory of Archangel Michael’ by Raphael in the 16th century which can now be viewed at Le Louvre museum in Paris, France.

When we think about the army of Michael, we think about a legion of heavenly bodies appointed to protect humanity as a first line of defence in God’s battle with evil and, with Michael at the helm, we here on earth can feel confident that the angels will serve us well.

In many cultures around the world, the archangel Michael serves as a sponsor to law enforcement and police services as a way of protecting the literal frontline on earth.

The archangel Michael has appeared in various religious stories over the years including, in Jewish lore rescuing the three Hebrew boys and in the Bible where he appeared to Joshua who was about to do battle with the Israelites.

Michael isn’t simply a historical figure who is due to serve once again in the end times, he is very much active in the present and if we are willing, we can see his work taking place in the here and now.

You may have heard that when we leave our physical bodies, our souls enter onto the astral plane where, after certain events have taken place, we are able to move on to new heights. However, some souls get trapped and one of the key jobs of Michael and his army of angels is to free those who are stuck in the astral plane.

He is thought to visit daily and cut souls free allowing them to continue with their spiritual journey.

How Does The Archangel Michael Help Us

With Michael’s strength and ability to ultimately overpower the evil one, it will come as little surprise that we can call upon him when we find ourselves battling evil spirits during our lifetime.

It is, unfortunately, more common than we might first imagine for humans to come into contact with demonic spirits that have no other intention than to cause us pain, suffering and harm. It is believed that Michael can act as a line of protection between us and those demonic entities.

In the book of Ephesians in the Holy Bible, we read about the full armour of God which acts as full protection against evil but concerning this, we are also able to pray to the archangel Michael who can take on the spiritual battle for us.

For many hundreds of years in the Catholic faith, Pope Leo XIII insisted that the prayer of St Michael was spoken at the end of every mass and although this tradition isn’t followed by all in the faith today, leaders of the Catholic church do encourage it.

When we look back through history, it would appear that the archangel who make the most frequent appearance is Michael, and aside from fighting this battle of which we have spoken, he has other strengths that he wants us to take advantage of.

  • He can help us fight our fears. When we see Michael in paintings, he is often shown as strong, muscular and courageous and these traits are essential for tackling our fears. Calling upon him in times of fear is just one of the ways we can interact with him.
  • We are all bound by energetic cords to people, places and situations throughout history but in some cases, these energetic bonds so not serve us but Michael can severe these bonds allowing you to move on to more a positive place in your life.
  • Michael acts as a shield to protect you throughout life, this might be a physically or emotionally threatening situation.
  • Many people believe that the archangel Michael can offer protection as we sleep through the night. Whether this is to give protection from bad dreams, a lack of physical security or while we adapt to a new home or location.

How Do I Know If Michael Is Near?

Those who are convicted in their belief in Michael, express that he communicates with humanity in a way that no other angel or spiritual being does, clearly demonstrating his presence and leaving us in no doubt that he is there. But if you aren’t sure of the signs that Michael is around, it can be more difficult to experience his presence.

There are many ways in which Michael might announce his arrival or ongoing presence such as during a time of crisis. People in emergency situations have called upon Michael for immediate assistance and many have shared that he has obliged, showing up in the nick of time to protect them from imminent harm.

It is thought that during times like these, we may clearly hear his voice or feel, without any uncertainty, his presence nearby.

If you find yourself in search of truth or protection, it is believed that the archangel Michael will reveal himself to you and one of the most common ways people have experienced this is through a feeling of warmth or comfort.

Some people might visualise a very clear image of Michael in their mind, often unexpectedly and this should be taken as a sign that he is near.

Many angels, Michael included will often let you know of their presence with a sudden flash of light. However, in the case of Michael, this may be accompanied by dreams which show us messages intended to steer us through our lives.

What’s more, if Michael wants to alert you to his presence, he will not show you a flash of light just once, he will persist and you will likely experience many flashes of light over some time.

Is Michael The Same As Christ?

There are some theories, controversial as they may be, that suggest that Michael is actually Christ. One of the main reasons for this is that he is referred to in many of the same ways that Christ HImself is, such as the Prince and the Protector of man.

There is also some confusion surrounding the wording used in the Bible regarding the return of Christ Jesus which will happen ‘at the call of the archangels.’ However, many theologians will tell you that, whilst the link between God and both Michael and Christ are close, the two are not the same being – Christ is believed to be the Son of God whereas Michael is His chief angel.

Conclusion – Michael The Defender

The Archangel Michael is the highest and most powerful of all the angels and is thought to be God’s right-hand man. He is set to ultimately destroy evil during the end times but before that, he offers us protection in our day to day lives on earth.

Michael can be called upon through prayer and in some cultures, such as the Catholic one, many people are in the habit of reciting the prayer of St Michael every day. When he arrives, he does so with a bang, showing us flashes of light and directly speaking to us as a way of letting us know he is protecting us.

Even after we pass over into the afterlife, Michael is waiting to help us should we ever find ourselves lost or stuck.

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