Hand Chakras

3 Of The Best Ways To Balance The Hand Chakras

Hand Chakras

Many people will be familiar with the main seven chakras which run along the length of the spine from root to crown – these are the most commonly talked about chakras where humans are concerned.

However, did you know that there are multiple other chakras located all over the body? Each of these has its own function and, similarly to the main chakras, can become blocked or unbalanced.

One of these smaller chakras is located in the hand – one on each side. In this article, we are going to be exploring the function of the hand chakras as well as looking at some effective ways to cleanse them, ensuring that the energy can flow freely.

What Are The Hand Chakras?

As we have already discovered, the hand chakras are located in the hands, specifically, the palms and whilst they are smaller centres of energy when compared to the main chakras, they have just as important a function. As well as the main palm chakra, it is thought that there are also tiny chakras at each joint of the hand.

For the most part, the hand chakras will work alongside the heart chakra, which makes sense when we consider that these two energy centres are directly linked through the blood vessels in the arms.

One of their primary functions is considered to be related to healing – you have likely heard the term ‘healing hands’ and this could be in relation to the dense wheels of energy located here.

The colour that represents the hand chakras is usually red, however, in some cases, they may be white or blue

What Are The Hand Chakras Functions?

Since the hand chakras are closely associated with healing, this is thought to be one of their main functions but these energy centres are responsible for other things too.

The hand chakras allow us to more profoundly interact with the world around us, emitting loving energy from each point that comes directly from the heart. In addition to this, when your hand chakras are well balanced, your creativity flows much more easily which is why it is believed that those with a good artistic flair have very healthy hand chakras.

For many of us, having control over our lives is essential and the hand chakras play an important role in this. They are often associated with manifesting the things we want in life as well as helping to develop trust and control.

With these things in balance, the hand chakras serve to balance your mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Where healing is concerned, it is important to have open hand chakras, through which energy can flow allowing for aura cleansing and other types of healing.

Signs That The Hand Chakras Are Blocked

Before we look at how to effectively open and balance the hand chakras, it is important to understand the problems you might face should they become blocked.

  • Feeling disconnected with the world and people around you.
  • Finding it difficult to express your artistic side or experiencing a lack of creativity.
  • A deep feeling of numbness where emotional issues and relationships are concerned.
  • Difficulty in giving and receiving – physically and emotionally.

The Best Ways To Balance The Hand Chakras

As with the seven main chakras, there are things that you can do to unblock and balance the hand chakras. Even if you feel that your hand chakras are fully functional, it can pay to perform these exercises regularly as a way of ensuring that the energy flow doesn’t become interrupted in the first place.

Use Water

Water is a powerful tool offered to us by nature, and aside from providing us with our most basic and primal needs, it also has the ability to cleanse the hand chakras.

The easiest way to take advantage of the healing power of water is to simply place the hands into it and allow the flow of the water to dislodge any blockages, restoring the energy flow.

For this reason, it is preferable to use a natural, flowing source such as a stream, however, if you do not have access to this, a bowl of water will be effective.

Get Creative

One of the things that the hand chakras are famed for is the ability to release our inner creativity so it would make sense that getting creative can stimulate the chakras and free them from any blockages.

You might paint, make sculptures or write poetry – whatever feels best or comes most naturally to you. Through regular practice of these creative activities, your hand chakras will become balanced.

Light Energy

When we meditate, we often use visualisations and this technique can be used in cleansing the hand chakras. To being, bring the hands together so that the palms are touching and rub them together to create some energy.

As you do this, visualise a small ball of light beginning to form between your palms, you might even be able to physically feel this energy as a tingling or warming sensation.

You can now start to interact with the energy, perhaps moving your hands further apart and visualising the ball of light being stretched, flowing between your two palms.

At the end of the exercise, you should close the hands together once again, imagining that the light energy is between them. This energy can now flow into the hand chakras, clearing and balancing them.


Despite not being as widely recognised as the seven main chakras that are frequently depicted in spiritual art and often discussed in spiritual forums, the hand chakras play an important role where the flow of energy is concerned.

With a close relationship to the heart chakra, the energy centres in the hands allow us to freely give and receive love and emotions as well as playing a major part in energetic healing and creativity.

As with all chakras, the hand chakras can become blocked or unbalanced, and whilst this can manifest some unfortunate consequences, there are ways in which you can unblock them and restore a healthy flow of energy.

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