Types Of Empaths

7 Types of Empaths. What Type Are You?

7 Types of Empaths

The word empath actually comes from the word empathy, which we use to talk about being able to relate to how other people are feeling, but it may surprise you to learn that amongst the many types of empaths, only one of them relates to understanding other peoples emotions.

Many people may have thought there to only be one kind of empath but in truth, there are 7 types of empaths. In this article, we are going to uncover the different types of empaths and what they are able to do.

What Is An Empath?


One of the most notable people in the field of empaths is called Dr. Julie Orloff and she describes being an empath as having the ability to soak up the stress and emotions of everything around you. Not surprisingly, this isn’t limited to the emotions of the people around but also the things, places, and even nature.

Most of us have a figurative filter that enables us to be protected from intense emotions that are emitted by other people in the world, however, it is believed that an empath does not have this filter and as a result, is much more easily able to feel these stresses and emotions.

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How Do I Know If I Am An Empath?


For many people, being able to absorb the feelings and emotions of other people is a shared trait amongst empaths, however, this isn’t the only giveaway that you may have this ability.

It can be hard for an empath to deal with intimacy and as such, many have problems with close relationships. This can present as needing a break from the closeness but feeling hurt when expressing this to a partner. It can turn into something of a vicious circle.

Furthermore, an empath is likely to have very accurate gut instincts but may also find it difficult to shake off their burdens. In essence, they care too much and it can be challenging to ask them to stop caring, even about insignificant things.

As a result of your deep sense of empathy, it is likely that those close to you will feel comfortable sharing their problems with you – you will likely be the friend within the group that everyone comes to for advice.

However, in a physical sense, an empath may have heightened senses such as an increased sense of smell or hearing. As a result of this and the intense emotions that empaths experience, they may need a longer period of time to wind down and recharge.

It is not uncommon for an empath to feel as though they do not fit in and may have a hard time making and maintaining friendships. Alongside this, many empaths find that they prefer their own company and maybe likely to isolate themselves away from social experiences.

Many empaths will notice that they are able to pick up on subtleties in the world that others cannot but again, this can be tiring and may cause some empaths to withdraw.

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7 Types Of Empaths


As we mentioned earlier on, there is more than one type of empath, and whilst many people associate this with being able to feel the emotions of others, being an empath may run much deeper.

Did you know that some empaths can talk to animals? Or that others are able to understand plants and nature? Let’s explore the different types of empaths to help you gain a better understanding of which one you might be.

The Physical

Someone who is a physical empath will notice that they are able to tune into the physical feelings and sensations of other people. Whilst most people will yawn if they see someone else yawn, physical empathy goes a lot further than this.

For example, if someone close to you is experiencing physical pain such as that felt during childbirth, you may notice cramping in your abdomen. Perhaps your partner is struggling with a splitting headache – you might notice a throbbing in your own head.

This may sound miserable but there is a contrast. Physical empaths are able to feel the positive physical sensations of other people and this can include a drive or determination to become more physically healthy.

The Intuitive

An intuitive empath often also has the abilities of an emotional empath although this isn’t the most prominent aspect. Usually, people who are intuitive empaths are able to sense things that are not said. For example, if someone you know is feeling sad, you may sense this sadness but you may also be able to understand why they are feeling this way.

In some cases, it can go even further and an intuitive empath is able to receive heightened messages and even communicate with things in nature.

The Emotional

Probably the most commonly recognized of all the empaths is the emotional empath who is able to tune in to the emotions of other people. This can be both a good and bad thing since you are easily able to feel the joy that someone else feels but you can just as readily feel their emotional pain. However, this can bring you closer to those you love as you experience things with them.

In contrast, it isn’t difficult for someone who has emotional empath qualities to become mentally exhausted as they experience a vast array of emotions throughout their lives.

It can also be easy for an emotional empath to struggle with relationships where the other person is energetically draining. For this reason, it is important that people with these qualities take time to look after their emotional well-being.

The Dreamer

Someone who is a dream empath is able to attune to their dreams in a much more profound manner than the rest of us. The things that they see in their dreams can play a real role in their waking lives and will often serve to help them or the people around them in a positive way.

People in this category tend to have a greater ability to recall their dreams. Most people forget what they have dreamed within minutes of waking up but for a dream empath, their nightly musings can be of great significance hours or even days after they have woken up.

They may not always see their dreams as an obvious thing and may take hidden meanings from their dreams much more readily than the next person.

The Earth Empath

An earth empath is very tuned into nature and is easily able to understand things that the rest of us may find incomprehensible. A great example of this is that the earth empath may have a much deeper understanding of the universe and everything that is happening within it. They are easily able to pick up on subtle changes within the earth, the elements and the solar system.

These people may feel physical symptoms relating to the current condition of the earth. For example, if there is an earthquake coming, an earth empath may be able to literally feel this before it has even begun.

The Plant Empath

Someone who is a plant empath, as you may imagine, is able to feel how plants feel, understand what they need, and connect with them on a level that the rest of us would never understand.

However, in addition to being deeply in tune with everything green in nature, these are people who have personality traits that make them much more easily able to connect with other people. A good example of this is that they will be able to offer more compassion to other people and for this reason, often make very supportive and loyal friends.

The Animal Empath

Much like plant empaths, those who are animal empaths are able to easily tune into the needs of our animal friends. These people tend to get much more fulfillment from being around animals than they do from being around humans and for this reason, you will likely see them engaging in hobbies and careers that involve animals.

Animal empaths are usually able to understand the needs of the animals and are often able to communicate with them in a way that other people simply could never imagine. Animals will feel more at ease around these people and will behave in a much calmer manner and feel more comfortable around them.

People who are animal empaths see animals as completely equal to humans and find it abhorrent that anyone would ever do anything to harm an animal. You might notice that a lot of these people tend to live vegan lifestyles and do everything in their power to protect animals and their habitats.

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Whilst many people may be under the belief that an empath is simply someone who is able to feel the emotions of other people, there is much more to this deep-seated ability than first meets the eye, Whilst emotional empathy is one of the most common types of empaths, there are also those who find communicating with nature a lot easier whereas others may feel the physical sensations of those around them.

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