Shower Meditation

What Is Shower Meditation?

Shower Meditation

It isn’t difficult to let your meditation routine slip, especially when we think about how fast-paced this modern life is. We get up in the morning, drink a quick cup of coffee and then shoot out the door to work without a second thought. Even when the working day is over, many of us have so many social commitments that it can be hard to find a true moment of quiet time.

What then, does this mean for our moments of meditation? Yes, you could meditate just before you’re going to sleep but it’s no secret that falling asleep during the middle of the practice is highly likely and for this reason, you may not be able to reap as many benefits from it.

However, there is some good news. Have you ever thought about using the time you are in the shower to meditate? We all shower every day and so taking this time to multitask isn’t such a bad thing.

In this article, we are going to learn the benefits of shower meditation and look at some simple visualisation and meditations you can use that will quickly and easily fit into your morning shower routine. Not only this, but they will be sure to leave you feeling uplifted and ready for the day.

Why Shower Meditation?

As we mentioned, finding the time to meditate can be tricky and this is even more true if you live in a house with other people – perhaps a group of friends or if you have children. There aren’t many times during the day where you can be truly alone but when you’re in the shower, there really is nobody else around.

This provides you with the peace and quiet that is essential for meditation and the overall relaxed environment will certainly add to this. It’s even better if you are able to access the shower when there is no one else home, or if you have children, hopping in after they’ve gone to bed can bring about some serious calm.

But let’s take a look at some of the other reasons that shower meditation works.

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Do it Your Way

Quite often, and especially with the aid of all these meditation apps on our smartphones, we are accustomed to following a guided meditation. Don’t get us wrong, these are excellent resources and can provide those who are new to the practice with a brilliant way to connect with the inner self and improve focus.

However, we may have come to rely on these guided meditations far too much and it can help to sit with yourself and practice the art of meditation without an aid.

Being in the shower gives you the perfect opportunity to do this since you are free to meditate however you see fit. Doing this will allow you to find what sort of meditation works best for you – do you like breathing practices or perhaps a body scan feels better? Some people simply like to close their eyes and observe their thoughts. This personal time in the shower gives you the chance to explore and become one with yourself.

Engage Your Sense

According to one expert, taking what she calls a ‘mindful shower’ really allows you to connect with all five of your senses in a way that regular meditation cannot.

One of the main benefits of engaging with all of your senses is that it can really help to keep you in the present moment which is a vital part of a successful meditation session.

Think about it, when you are in the shower, you’re going to experience:

  • The smell of any soaps, oils or body products you are using.
  • The taste of the water in your mouth.
  • The feel of the water hitting your skin.
  • The sound of the water splashing.
  • The sight of the water falling before you.

This is a truly powerful combination and can be an experience like no other, especially if you have never tried meditating this way.

You’ll Be Optimally Relaxed

Is there anything nicer than stepping into a hot shower and allowing your body to completely relax? Perhaps a cold shower on a hot day but either way, you’re going to feel great.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to fully relax when we meditate in a ‘normal’ fashion but by getting into the shower, you are fully able to calm down, unwind and feel at ease. The same applies if you want to take a bath and combine this with meditation although it does pay to be aware of safety at all times.

You Aren’t Pushed For Time

We have already touched upon the lack of time that so many of us have in our busy lives and this can mean that meditation becomes almost impossible. For many people, time may be used as an excuse to not meditate but this is a very negative attitude to take especially if you are keen to develop a healthy daily practice.

But the good news is that if you’ve got the time to get into the shower, then you’ve got the time to meditate. Even if it is just five minutes whilst you wash away the stresses of the day.

Many people are under the impression that meditation should be a lengthy process and have an image of a Buddhist monk sitting under a tree for 12 hours a day. Whilst this would be wonderful, it’s completely unobtainable for most. A few minutes a day is better than no minutes a day.

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Ways To Do Shower Meditation

Taking part in a shower meditation is a very personal experience and you are free to do it in whatever way feels good for you. However, to get you started, we have discovered some great ways of doing a shower meditation that will calm, relax and focus your mind so that you can get on with the day in a much more mindful fashion.

One of the best ways to engage in a shower meditation is to simply close your eyes and feel what is going on. Earlier on we discussed how a shower meditation allows you to engage with all of your senses and by simply being mindful of them, you are connecting with them.

As you feel each sense being heightened, just observe how it makes you feel, what sensations you feel physically and emotionally. Do the smells, sounds, tastes etc invoke any particular emotions or memories? Simply allow yourself to be in the moment.

If you have been experiencing a lot of negative thoughts or emotions, this can have a dramatic impact on how you function in your day to day life. However, meditation is a powerful tool and doing this in the shower is an excellent opportunity to get involved with some visualizations.

You should begin by closing your eyes and, as we did in the previous technique, feel the water falling over your body. You can then begin to imagine that this water is washing away all those bad thoughts and feelings – you might picture them as dirt, dead flowers or anything else and see them being washed down the drain and away from you.

This is a wonderful cleansing exercise that can be really helpful to your mental health.

If you have been working towards a goal or ambition and have been finding it difficult you could use a visualization of the water empowering you. You should think of it as something that you can absorb and since water is such a powerful element, it is little wonder that doing this can give you the driving force that you need to meet and exceed your goals.

For people who have issues with body confidence, meditating in the shower can be extremely advantageous since you are undressed and confronted by your body. One thing to keep in mind whilst doing this meditation is that all humans are beautiful and amazing beings whose bodies are designed to serve us and not to be something that is purely aesthetic.

That being said, when we feel confident in our skin, it can radiate in other areas of our lives.

Choose a mantra that you know will make you feel great and will get rid of any insecurities. Just keep repeating this mantra over and over as you focus your attention on the power of your body and soon you may notice that your confidence improves.


It’s little wonder that, with our hectic lifestyles, more and more people are failing to meet their meditation goals and people’s practices are going out of the window. Finding the time and a place that is quiet where you will not be disturbed can sometimes feel like something of an impossibility. However, there is one time of day that we could all use in a more constructive manner – shower time.

Meditating in the shower comes with a whole array of advantages and whilst this may only give you a few minutes of uninterrupted meditation each day, those minutes could mean the difference between living a stressed life and one which feels much more calm and relaxed.

Next time you are in the shower, why not try one of these simple mindfulness techniques and see how much better multitasking in the shower can be?

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