Angel Number 1111

Angel Number 1111

Angel Number 1111

One of the most mysterious things that the angels are able to do is to show us a variety of number which can have a number of different meanings. It’s no surprise that there is a barrier of sorts between the physical world and the spirit world and whilst those on the other side are able to communicate with it, it is sometimes easier for them to do this in alternative ways. Such as by showing us numbers.

For many people, seeing a repeated number may not mean anything but for the most part, you can be confident that when you are exposed to the same number time and time again, it is likely one of your guardian angels trying to tell you something.

If you have been seeing the number 1111 throughout your life, this holds a very significant meaning but deciphering it doesn’t need to be as difficult as it may first seem. Whether you have seen the number as a whole figure like above or maybe broken down, for example by looking at the clock at 11:11, it is one of the same.

In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at the meaning of the angel number 1111 and why those in the angelic realm might be showing you this number. This will give you the opportunity to act on this message and perhaps change your life for the better.

In short, the angel number 1111 is shown to those who are being urged to embrace life and become more aware of what is going on around them, the angels are asking you to open your eyes.

What Are Angel Numbers?

The ancient concept of numerology places more than simply a numerical value on the numbers we use in our everyday lives. This greater significance could be anything from a hidden meaning to a secret message and quite often, in supernatural terms, numbers are used as a code of sorts.

Angels, whilst they could communicate directly if they wanted to, tend to prefer for more subtle methods of contact and one thing that they do is to show us numbers. But we see numbers every day – how are we supposed to know if there is an angelic message behind them?

When you see numbers every day – even whilst reading this article, I’ll bet you can look up and find a number somewhere in the vicinity – these are usually just numbers. However, when you repeatedly see the same number or sequence of numbers over and over again, it is much more likely that one of your guardian angels is using this to communicate with you.

Did you stumble across this article by chance? Have you been seeing the number 1111 everywhere just recently? Perhaps this information is exactly what you need to hear and will give you true clarity in your mind.

Angels use a variety of numbers to tell us different things. You might think of it as being similar to Morse code, perhaps where a series of dots and dashes are used to represent the letters of the alphabet – the angels use numbers to represent meaning and messages.

Those in the angelic realm will use different numbers depending on your current situation and each one has its own unique meaning – but what does the angel number 1111 mean?

Why Do I Keep Seeing The Number 1111?

There is an age-old belief that making a wish at 11:11 could bring that wish into fruition and this is not a coincidence. This idea comes from the angel number 1111 and it isn’t only in old wives tales that we see it’s relevance.

There may be many reasons why the angels are trying to draw your attention to this special number and we are going to explore some of this later on in this article. However, before we do, it is important that we understand just what a powerful number 1111 is.

This number goes way beyond messages from angels and if you look, you will notice that the number is very closely associated with a variety of spiritual and religious beliefs. For example, the number 1, 11 or a combination of these appears many times throughout the Holy Bible and many people see this as being very significant.

The number makes an appearance in the Old Testament many times and as we move forward into the time that Christ was believed to be on earth, we see the number showing up time and time again. In addition to the Christian faith, the number 1111 is thought to have a close association with other spiritual figures including St Germain and the great Buddha.

If you have been seeing this number, you can expect to be called to open your eyes in a spiritual sense, some refer to this as spiritual enlightenment and you might expect the angels to be guiding you to discover more about yourself spiritually.

Understanding The Angel Number 1111

Whilst we see this number as a whole, the angel number 1111 can sometimes appear differently and the best way to understand this is that numbers, much like anything else have a vibrational frequency. This number does not have a frequency all of its own but is rather made up from four lots of the vibrational frequencies of the number 1.

The number 1 has a very significant importance in terms of numerology and when we come to understand this, we are more easily able to get to grips with the number 1111.

That being said, all the numbers that are made up from a sequence of 1s have just as great a meaning, so you might see any combination of these including 11 and 111.

The angel number 1, not surprisingly is used to represent a new start, inspiration and achieving success. Many times, people will see this number because the angels are trying to tell them to channel their positive thoughts into creating the life that they have dreamed of.

When you see this number alone, you know that the angels are calling to offer you a newfound motivation and strength, especially if you are embarking on a new adventure or journey in your life. This could be a new career, a new relationship or perhaps moving to a new place.

Seeing the number 1 will empower you and enable you to leave behind the old bad habits that did not serve you in place of new habits that will add to your new, positive lifestyle. Some people hold tight to the belief that the number 1 allows for improved development of the self and creation – which relates to new beginnings.

However, when we are trying to understand the angel number 1111, it is also important to look at the meaning of the angel number 11 which also plays an important role in bringing us messages of hope.

The angel number 11 is often seen by those whom the angels are guiding towards a spiritual awakening. It is quite often thought to be what is known as the Master Number so it has a very powerful and profound meaning.

Oftentimes, our guardian angels will want to get closer to us and our relationships with them will grow as a result of this. If you have been seeing the number 11 regularly, this could be a sign that your angels are looking for a deeper connection with you.

Finally, in gaining an understanding of the angel number 1111, we must understand all combinations leading up to this and so the number 111 is also of great importance. When we see this number, it could be a signal that the angels are calling you to be more aware of your own thoughts.

Quite often our thoughts are able to shape our reality and whilst this may be positive in some cases, in others it can be catastrophic.

This may sound like a very ‘out-there’ concept but it’s no secret that the law of attrition is very real – positive thoughts and actions yield positive results, negative thoughts and actions yield negative results. Seeing the angel number 111 serves as a stark reminder that we need to focus on thinking in a more positive manner.

So, as all of these combinations join together to form the angel number 1111, we can see that there are a variety of meanings. Very often, when we are being shown this number, it is a way of the angels giving us a gentle reminder that we are, in fact, a spiritual being that is temporarily placed in this human vessel and we should be ready and willing to embrace our spiritual side.

Different Meanings Of The Angel Number 1111

Now that we have an understanding of the messages behind the various combinations of this number, it isn’t difficult to see that the angels are sending a clear message about spirituality, creation and new beginnings. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most common meanings for the angel number 1111.

It is important to keep in mind that, if you have been seeing this number in your life, not all of these meanings may apply. It pays to read them carefully and determine which ones might be relevant to your life.

Your Self-Esteem Is Being Improved

It’s not difficult, in this modern era to feel that your self-esteem is continually taking a hit. With the standards of everything and everyone being set so high, it can often feel like a challenge to even exist.

Take, for example, the bombardment of images of ‘beautiful’ people who we are all expected to look just like, yet the human race is diverse and no two people look the same. So expecting everyone to achieve this one standard is impossible. Yet this can cause some people to feel inadequate and their self-esteem drops ever lower.

Additionally, we are all expected to out-perform our schoolmates and work colleagues and it isn’t hard to feel in constant competition with the rest of the world, academically and professionally speaking. The goals that are being set for us are, more often than not, unobtainable, and this can cause serious damage to your self-esteem.

However, the angels want to give you a reminder that your self-worth shouldn’t and doesn’t come from how other people perceive you or how the world expects you to be. Your self-worth comes from the person you are on the inside – your spirit and it pays to remember that this is your most valuable possession.

You might take this as an opportunity to embrace your spirituality and get the love, light and ultimately, confidence that the spiritual world has to offer. This is far greater than anything you can achieve on earth and will boost your self-esteem to levels you may have never dreamed possible.

Interpretting Your Dreams

Finding out the meaning of our dreams is something that dates back as far as humans themselves. What goes on in your subconscious mind as you sleep is like a window into your true self and this is something that should never be ignored.

It takes nothing more than a quick Google search to find millions of dream meaning websites that offer a deep insight into what your dreams represent.

But what is most interesting is that various faiths around the world see dream symbols in different ways, for example, in Islam the lion in a dream is thought to represent an enemy whereas in the Christian faith, seeing a lion in your dream would represent protection from the divine.

But whatever your thoughts on this, seeing the angel number 1111 can be a sign that the angels are calling you to pay more attention to what you see when you are asleep.

In some cases, angels may appear in a dream and if you haven’t been paying attention, this is something that may have gone unnoticed. However, once you realise that your angelic guides are asking you to notice them in your dreams, further messages may come forward and give you clarity and reassurance in your life.

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Look Out For A Big New Development

For some people who frequently see the angel number 1111, this could signify that huge changes are afoot and more often than not this is in reference to your spirituality as opposed to your physical reality.

What is most interesting of all is that, despite some areas of divine message being mixed up depending on your faith – it is clear that people from all cultures and walks of life deem the number 1111 to have this same meaning.

Even though things might seem a little cloudy at the moment and you perhaps aren’t sure where your life is headed, one thing is for sure, if you have been seeing this number 1111, you will soon get to see the bigger picture and everything else will fall into place and make much more sense.

Sometimes the angels will want to to become attuned to everything that is going on around you and this can sometimes mean being a source of hope, love and inspiration to those around you. As you do this, things in your own life will start to become clearer.

In contrast, if you have been feeling that you need some additional support and love, your guardian angels may be showing you this number as a way of letting you know that they are always on hand to offer this love and support to you.

Many people believe that those who are lucky enough to see the number 1111 are, in fact, playing a much bigger role in the ascension of the earth – you may not even know it but your spirit could be one of a chosen few. There isn’t much else that is akin to being a part of healing the energy of the earth, this is a very sacred and special mission.

Discover Your Truth

It will perhaps come as no surprise to learn that those in the spirit realm have a much clearer picture of why we are here. It stands to reason that you will have heard the question ‘what is the meaning of life?’ many time and very few people have the answer – if any.

However, seeing the angel number 1111 can be a sign that the angels are looking to help you in discovering your own truth. When we look at numerology, the number 1 can represent purity and truth and when we see this number repeated in the angel number 1111, we can determine that this truth is being quadrupled!

If you have been seeing this powerful number recently, it could be a wake-up call from those in the angelic realm asking you to start looking inside yourself and finding out who you really are.

One of the greatest and most satisfying things about been human is that our lives are much more fulfilled when we are honest and one of the main reasons that you might see the number 1111 is because the angels are calling you to be honest with yourself as your journey along the road of self-discovery.

They might want you to make physical alterations and readjust your goals as a way of lining up with your truth – when you do this, you will begin to notice how much happier and fulfilled you are. However, that isn’t to say that you will always get it right.

There will be times when you make the wrong decision or don’t line your truth up with the practicalities of your life. In this instance, the angels may try to show you this number as a way of reassuring you that trial and error are ok and without it, we would never be able to find out who we really are.

Have Faith

Life is not always easy and it is not uncommon for us to go through extremely trying times such as financial instability, relationship break-downs, the loss of a loved one and many more difficult things. However, it is important that as we experience these things, we understand that they are an inevitable part of life and we are not a unique case.

The angels want you to know that it is important to keep your faith and that, no matter how difficult things may seem, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. More importantly, this life is short and temporary and we need to remember that through our suffering will come joy.

The life we are currently living is not everything and the angels want us to see that there is much more on the spiritual horizon.

It can sometimes be difficult to hold on to your beliefs -whatever they may be and losing faith this way can be devastating especially for people who have placed a lot of focus on their beliefs.

However, the angels use the number 1111 as a way of showing us that our beliefs are validated and we should continue to hold on to them even when the waters get a little more rough.

Above all, when we see them number 1111, we can be sure that our guardian angels are trying to show us that we should feel confident in our faith and never let it falter.

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Angels are all around us, and despite the fact that we cannot physically see them, these powerful spiritual beings are able to communicate with us in other ways.

One way in which they do this is by showing us numbers and for many people, the number 1111 has a great significance and will often appear in various places throughout their lives. But what is the meaning of this?

For the most part, the angel number 1111 has a deep connection with all things spiritual and we will usually see this number when they want us to grow our connection with our spiritual side as well as deepening our connection to them.

Your guardian angels may be showing you that you should stand firm in your beliefs and be ready to start a new chapter in your spiritual life that may bring you the contentment and fulfilment that you have so longed for.

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