Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar Sheran
Ashtar (also known as Ashtar Sheran)

Since the year 1952, humans have had supposed contact with Ashtar Sheran, the first person to channel this extraterrestrial being was named George Van Tassel.

However, since this first communication, there have been many other people who have claimed to have received messages from Ashtar and have gone on to preach these to the masses.

But who is Ashtar Sheran and where did he come from? In this article, we are going to discover more about this mysterious being.

So, Who Is Ashtar Sheran?

There are a variety of religions on earth, all of which have some sort of common link and as such, are widely believed to be one of the same, worshipping one God who goes by many different names.

It will come as little surprise, then, that, as a result of the large number of communications received by humans from Ashtar, a UFO religion has been founded and accepted by many believers.

It is thought that Ashtar originally comes from the solar system that orbits around the star, Alpha Centauri which is within the Milky Way and our closest solar system neighbour despite sitting a distance of more than four light-years from our own sun.

Ashtar also goes by the name of Ashtar Sheran and this comes from the Sanskrit language and directly translates to mean ‘the brightest sun.’ When we think about his powerful celestial position in relation to the government of this galaxy, it is easy to see why he goes by this name.

Some refer to Ashtar Sheran as being the master of the universe and, it is believed that he commands more than 24 million other extraterrestrial beings in what is known as the Earth project.

What’s even more interesting is that, according to those who have communicated with him, Ashtar Sheran is sponsored by Lord Michael – who some believe to be the Archangel Michael, and the Great Central Sun Government of the galaxy.

He is thought to be lower only in the chain of command to Jesus Sanada and has a responsibility for the Brotherhood of light.

Since so many have connected with Ashtar, there is little doubt about his physical appearance. He has been directly asked about how he looks and his reply was clear – he described himself as being seven feet and having blue eyes.

He said that his skin is almost completely white and he is able to move at high speeds. In addition, he has also referred to himself as being compassionate and understanding as a teacher. Some believers claim that Ashtar closely resembles a Nordic or Angelic form in a physical sense.

Many believe that the energy of Ashtar Sheran is very closely related to the energy that comes from the centre of the stars themselves and as such, is related to the foundation of life, both here on earth and in the far reaches of our galaxy. Some refer to this energy as being the equivalent of a Christ.

What Is His Mission?

We sometimes refer to the work of Ashtar as cosmic administration within the government of the galaxy and whilst this may sound like an irrelevant job, it is actually far greater than we can understand.

When we think of a government on earth, this is not necessarily how things work on a galactic scale. The government of the galaxy is a much more spiritual organisation and is designed to guide all beings in love and balance allowing them to reach new spiritual heights.

Ultimately, these spiritual heights would allow us to co-exist alongside each other and races from other planets, solar systems and galaxies – you might imagine this as universal union or peace.

Ashtar aims to connect with each and every one of us and for us to trust him – matter where you are from, your race or your background, Ashtar wishes to guide those who want to live in honesty and loving-kindness.

One of his main aims is to save humankind from evil. Much of this evil comes from humans themselves and Ashtar Sheran doesn’t intend to eradicate us but rather work with us to change our behaviours and save us from ourselves.

What’s more, Ashtar’s mission is to bring truth to humanity but this is not currently easy as the human race is not yet spiritually developed enough to be open to his messages or, in some cases, even believe in his existence, Only those who are prepared to receive his messages shall do so.

How Does He Contact Us?

As we mentioned earlier on, the first human to be believed to have made contact with Ashtar Sheran was George Van Tassel in 1952 – it is at this point that Ashtar is believed to have first entered into our solar system – could he have been travelling across the universe with the sole aim of reaching our tiny solar system?

According to people who claim to have spoken with the master of the universe, Ashtar has the ability to beam his messages from a gigantic starship, sometimes referred to as a space station which is currently located within our solar system, however, at present, it would seem that we aren’t entirely sure on its exact location.

Using Van Tassel as a middle man, Ashtar Sheran has been able to communicate with many more human beings and this was frequently done by way of conventions initiated by Van Tassel himself.

These conventions took place at Giant Rock and gave followers of Ashtar or those who were curious about him, the opportunity to ask questions and, if they were receptive, get answers from Ashtar or the extraterrestrials working with him.

When it was realised that the conventions were successful, Van Tassel went on to organise an official annual convention where thousands of people would gather in hopes of connecting with the great Ashtar.

These yearly gatherings continued strong for 24 years and as more and more people gained divine wisdom from these extraterrestrial beings, they began appearing as speakers at the conventions to pass on this wisdom to other people.

Additionally, these people were believed to be able to channel messages from Ashtar and this is one of the main ways that he can contact us here on earth. All of Ashtar’s messages have been delivered to humans through the use of telepathy.

There have been various claims from people, particularly those associated with the Pioneer Voyage that they have been transported onto one of a fleet of five ships within our solar system in their astral bodies.

Many also believe that, since this portal was opened, anyone can gain access by raising their vibrational frequency through an eight-step practice.

Since so many people have claimed to have achieved this, and each of their accounts lines up with the next, there is little doubt in many people’s minds that it is a viable practice,

What Kind Of Messages Does Ashtar Send?

According to Mr Van Tassel, some of the earliest messages channelled by the master of the universe were surrounding the apocalypse and Ashtar wished to provide humanity with a warning of their upcoming demise.

These messages also contained information about the hydrogen bomb, which, soon after the messages were sent, was initially tested.

He wanted to alert humans that testing this bomb could be catastrophic and could potentially lead to the end of the planet, should things go wrong. Additionally, he assured Van Tassel that the Ashtar Galactic Command was there to help humankind and stop it from destroying itself.

To do this, Ashtar Sheran delivered messages to Mr Van Tassel that he was required to pass over to the US government – whether he did this or not remains a mystery.

What doesn’t remain a mystery, however, is that despite the testing of the H-Bomb, humanity did not meet a premature end and Ashtar has let us know that this was as a result of the protection and aid of his forces.

Ashtar Sheran can be quoted as saying that he ‘knows this is an awful world, a world filled with horrors and within these horrors is the true reason that he and the beings he works with are interested in us.’

He goes on to explain that our delayed spiritual development is not in keeping or as advanced as our developments in science and technology and this poses a huge risk to all of humankind.

He knows that humans may have a reason to see him and his force as a threat yet we do not act upon this because our primal instinct tells us to trust in the Creator.

He knows that, whilst humans have inhabited this earth, we have experienced many issues and yet we still press on due to our trust in a higher power and, as a result of this our further spiritual development may be possible.


Ashtar Sheran is considered to be, in some people’s mind, the master of the universe and he can make direct contact with humanity through his powers of telepathy.

Many people have already connected with him, some people so frequently and powerfully, like George Van Tassel that he was able to deliver these messages of hope, peace and love to thousands of people in the 1950s and beyond.

Ashtar continues to channel messages to the human race but until we are much more spiritually advanced, it will be difficult to hear these messages.

That being said, many people have raised their vibrations effectively enough to transport their astral bodies to the starships of Ashtar’s force and interact directly with them.

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