Arrow of determination 1-5-9: Arrows in numerology

In the birth chart, the arrows in numerology have characteristics that show each person’s personality and strengths and weaknesses.

What is the prominent feature of arrow of determination 1-5-9 in numerology?

Prominent in people with arrow of determination 1-5-9 in Pitago numerology means high determination.

How to overcome the weakness of arrows 1-5-9?

Determination is good, but it only works in certain circumstances. In many cases, unknowingly determination has turned into obstinate, and conservative.

What occupation is suitable for a person with arrow 159?

In the future, the person with the arrow of Determination 159 is not limited by a certain occupation.

Features of arrow 1-5-9

Arrow 159 in numerology is called the arrow of determination.

It is made up of 3 numbers located on 3 different axes of the birth chart.

The number 1 on the Physical axis represents the ego.

The number 5 is on the spiritual axis, meaning love.

And finally, the number 9 is on the mental axis representing dreams and ambitions.

Arrow of determination 1-5-9: Arrows in numerology
Arrow 159 in numerology

Prominent in people with arrow 159 in Pitago numerology means is high determination.

Faced with difficulties and challenges, instead of being discouraged and giving up, they persevere to overcome them.

Because for that, when doing anything, they will do it to the end, achieving the set goal by all means.

Because of that determination, no obstacle can stop them, and in general, these people will easily achieve success.

These people also have the virtue of perseverance.

There is no room in their dictionary for giving up.

Because when pursuing any goal or ideal, they will thrive to achieve it no matter what people say or have negative effects around them, it can’t affect their thoughts.

In love or career, determination brings good meaning, giving them the desired results. In their perspective, no one wants to be around the weak.

Points to fix

Determination is good, but it is only to a certain degree.

In many cases, the unconscious determination can turn someone into an obstinate conservative individual.

There are people who always think that they are right, and what they pursue is always the highest ideal, but end up ignoring the advice of those around them, forgetting to recognize their actions and mistakes.

Not all ideas of life are right, and not all paths lead to success.

There are people who, because of stubbornness, keep sinking into mistakes and sins.

They believe in what they do, but the truth is not.

Always being conservative with your thoughts does not lead to a good result.

Therefore, in life, everything should be in relative balance.

Determination is a virtue, but it must be guided by the right ideal.

Always keep in mind, whether you step in the right direction or not, you need to know how to listen.

Advice from people around is a stepping stone to move further.

Moreover, outsiders or strangers always have the most objective perception.

Understand that determination is not about going into a dangerous and difficult place, but having to determine whether your effort and intelligence are worth it or not.

Educational orientation for arrows 1-5-9

Children with arrows 1-5-9 in the birth chart.

From a young age, shows a distinct personality.

They are quite stubborn, difficult to obey, and like to do things differently.

That is why raising these children is not going to be a walk in the park.

They tend to do things differently from those around them and want to show their disapproval in any case or scenario.

They think it’s a way of expressing themselves.

For that, it requires parents to be very subtle in the way they raise their children.

Play the role of a friend, don’t act like a teacher in a class, or be heavy with the words.

Be very patient, analyze problems gently, no matter what, they are just immature children, and a young tree is always easy to bend if you are skillful enough.

These children will be successful in the future if they are properly educated from a young age because they are inherently intelligent and persistent in pursuing their dreams.

Future job

In the future, the person with the arrow of Determination 159 is not limited by a certain occupation.

They can choose the field that they are interested in as well as depending on the ability of each person.

However, they believe that in any field, if they can balance themselves, they will achieve great achievements.

Because success is always for those who persevere in pursuing it.


Numerology arrow 159 converges the good qualities of people, an indispensable element on the way to success.

I firmly believe that when looking up numerology and having the right perspective, these people will seize and take advantage of every opportunity in life.

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