Plan arrow 1-2-3: Arrows in numerology

In the birth chart, the arrows in numerology have characteristics that show each person’s personality and strengths and weaknesses.

How to overcome 1-2-3 arrow weakness?

In order to be more successful, what people with 1-2-3 numerology arrows need to overcome is their own laziness and attention to detail.

Create a daily schedule of the activities and plans you have to follow.

Be strict and consistent in following your schedule so you will develop a good working habits and reduce your laziness.

Though there are times you might feel dejected and might give in to your laziness, try to push yourself further.

Use your attention to detail as a strength to balance your prone to laziness.

What occupation is suitable for a person with arrow 123?

In the future, people with 1-2-3 plan arrows in the birth chart when looking up numerology are very suitable for work related to planning.

Overview of arrows 1-2-3

Arrow 1-2-3 in numerology is the plan arrows. It is made up of 3 numbers located on 3 different axes in the Birthday Chart.

The number 1 is located on the physical axis representing the ego.

The number 2 on the mental axis represents intuition.

And finally, the number 3 is located in the brain axis showing analytical mind and memory.

Plan arrow 1-2-3
Arrow 123 in numerology

Salient features of arrow 123 in numerology

The plan arrow 123 are people who are neat and live in order.

It must be admitted that they have a very quick and correct way of seeing things.

As a result, they have the ability to think and organize the work to be done to solve problems in a certain order.

It is undeniable that having a plan will make us more proactive in how to manage time, money, and resources in a reasonable way. It helps to avoid the situation of “water to the feet to jump” as some people often have.

Having a certain sequence of work to do also helps them avoid the sluggishness and the feeling of not knowing where to start.

In short, living and working with a plan brings success in both work and life. It can be seen that the common thing in people who live with a plan is being disciplined.

They have a good habit of always thinking carefully before acting or making a decision.

They themselves do not allow themselves to be loose or indulgent even in their thoughts for any reason.

Thanks to that, they avoid disasters because of words, voices, thoughtless actions, and ultimately, becoming a model.

Therefore, in the eyes of those around them, they are always an ideal model to learn from and follow in work as well as in life.

Points to fix

Although they know how to plan, these people often focus on the big picture and ignore the details.

That makes it possible for them to fall into a passive position when carrying out work even though they have prepared in advance.

Because when going deep into each corner of the problem, it is possible to understand and calculate the problems that may arise in the process of working.

If you look at it in general, it can be inevitable that you will be embarrassed in unexpected cases.

On the contrary, the more detailed and specific the plan, the clearer each path and step will be, when starting to do it will be more convenient and smoother, so the work will be highly effective.

To be more successful, the people with numerology arrows 1-2-3 need to be overcome is their own laziness and too much attention to detail.

They are fortunate to have a sharp mind and intuition that enables them to devise perfect plans.

But the implementation is another reason, so whether it is themselves or anyone who implements, and turns that plan into concrete work, they should also be responsible for monitoring.

As planners, they should also put themselves in the position of the executor, in order to concretize the steps that need to be taken, the clearer the path, the more favorable the work is.

Development direction for arrows 1-2-3 in numerology

The core of the study of the birth chart is to give directions in the way of education from childhood to future careers.

Parents with children with planning arrows should note their characteristics to help promote good values.

Parents should create conditions for children to develop their planning abilities.

Sometimes just a way to schedule a day of activities, study or plan a birthday party by yourself can also make them feel happy because they can do the work and take some responsibilities that would help boost their confidence, not just to feel loved but also receive the trust of adults.

However, parents in these cases need to be subtle, can give gentle suggestions for parts that are not appropriate, but absolutely do not reject harshly or arbitrarily change the plan in the direction they want.

Future job

In the future, people with 1-2-3 plan arrows in the birth chart when looking up numerology are very suitable for jobs related to planning and organizing.

They can promote their full potential when organizing events or becoming assistants, managers.


In the world, there may be many people possessing arrow 123, but in the future they can become people with different personalities, doing different jobs.

Understanding this arrow helps them have the right orientation to develop well, become both talented and virtuous, and achieve a lot of success.

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