How To Realistically Develop Your Retrocognition Skills


The term retrocognition derives from Latin and the words which mean backwards or behind and whilst it may have paranormal links, this skill is, in theory, available to all of us.

Some people may have a more natural ability to use their retrocognition skills whereas others might require a little bit of practice, but no matter who you are, the good news is that retrocognition is something that you can access, using aspects of your mind and self that are already very developed.

In this article, we are going to explore how retrocognition works and how you can develop your skills and master the concept.

What Is Retrocognition?

You may sometimes hear retrocognition being referred to as post cognition, yet they are one of the same. According to experts, retrocognition is a psychic ability that allows you to experience an image, situation or idea from the past without using any of the five senses which are usually used to experience such things.

Besides this, successful retrocognition requires many other techniques and skills which can be naturally developed through practice and dedication.

That being said, some believe that retrocognition is not available to everyone and that only those who possess profound clairvoyant powers are able to demonstrate the skill. Other people would suggest that whilst it is something that anyone can develop, the notion is that any images we experience during an episode of retrocognition are simply memories or visualizations of the past and nothing more.

However, whilst this theory could be argued if we were talking about images from the past that we have experienced when someone is able to stir up an image of an event that they did not personally experience, the idea of retrocognition becomes much more feasible.

Quite often we are exposed to this through the media. Many TV shows feature psychic people performing retrocognition as they are taken to a previously unknown location and yet are still able to accurately describe events that took place there or people who had lived and died in the location. But how does this work and is it for real?

How Does Retrocognition Work?

You are probably already aware that everything, both visible and invisible is made from energy and as history fades away from our physical view, the energy which made up the people, things and events throughout, remains. This energy is transferred into the surroundings such as buildings, furniture, the ground, even the air itself.

One of the common ways of working with energy is to tune into the vibrations and frequencies that it creates and this plays a huge role where retrocognition is concerned. Since history and memories are contained within the energy, tuning into the vibrations can give us access to this information.

In some cases, the emotional energy will become apparent and we not only experience the facts and information but also an emotional response.

For those who have a natural ability to engage in retrocognition, it may occur frequently and unexpectedly such as through a dream or during meditation but more commonly, through psychic visions and sounds when the person is near a particularly energic location.

However, some individuals have decided to use their skills for the greater good such as those who serve law enforcement when solving crimes by using retrocognition to literally ‘see’ into the past.

There has been no scientific proof to conclude that retrocognition is real but with so many experiences and so many people being able to deliver information that they otherwise would never have known, it would appear that the concept is more real than many people might like to admit.

Why Do People Use Retrocognition?

There are many reasons why people may wish to develop their recognition, and one of the most simple reasons is that they are curious and wish to explore the past for nothing more than pure entertainment.

In contrast, some people wish to do this for healing or therapeutic reasons such as accessing a past life, allowing them to understand things that have happened in this one. Additionally, some people develop their skills of hypnosis in order to guide other people in retrocognition as a way of helping them to deal with past traumas from this life or a previous one.

Since energy can be absorbed into physical objects, the technique may also be used to examine an object and its historical connections – this can be useful in understanding a past event.

How To Develop Retrocognition

There are many psychic and ‘paranormal’ skills that people from all over the world possess and there are also people who don’t currently have any of these skills but would like to. The good news is that, as with physical abilities, psychic ones can also be learned and developed, with the potential of honing them to such a level that one would be considered a master.

However, many people become so enamoured with the idea of being able to see into the past that they put too much of an emphasis on learning the skills to achieve this that they come out the other side no better off than they were, to begin with.

Whilst commitment and practice are essential when learning to develop your retrocognition, it is also important that you do not pressure yourself as this can have the opposite effect.

  • Keeping a dream journal is an excellent way of remembering your dreams and paying attention to these is of great importance when it comes to developing retrocognition. Dreams which feature scenes from the past should be given particular attention and it is important that you make notes of all the relevant details of each dream. Your dream diary should be kept next to your bed so that you can write down your dreams (and how you feel after waking from them) immediately and whilst they are still fresh in your mind.
  • Deja-vu is also something else you should pay attention to as whilst at times, this may be nothing more than a passing feeling, it may sometimes be more than this. Again, making notes here can help you to hone your psychic skills.
  • When you have experienced a dream or deja-vu sensation and recorded any notes, it can be helpful to meditate and reflect on the emotions you experienced and any information that was brought to light. There may be things that envoke a hunch or prompt you to question the situation further, go with this and let your gut lead the way.
  • As you go about your daily life, you will experience energetic vibrations and it pays not to ignore these. When attempting to develop retrocognition, you should remain alert and aware of these frequencies no matter how small or irrelevant you may think them to be. Once again, making notes can go a long way in advancing your skills to the next level as these allow you to look back at things and probe a little more deeply. Essentially, you should always remain alert and ready to receive energetic messages, this will cause you to notice even the most subtle ones.
  • Give time to developing your skill and dedicate part of your day, every day, to tuning into vibrations with the aid of meditation and quiet time. The more that you do this, the more you will begin to pick up on the little nuances that you probably won’t have noticed up until now.
  • Retrocognition does not have to be randomly brought on, there is the option to use tools such as tarot cards or items from your past. Some people find that working with a toy or item from their own childhood is an excellent exercise to promote retrocognition. But, as with the other tips here, it is important to make note of anything you pick up. Alongside your daily meditation, connecting with objects can go a long way in developing your skills.

Is Retrocognition The Same As Deja-Vu And Reincarnation?

We mentioned above that paying attention to any deja-vu moments can help you to craft your abilities. However, there is some suggestion that retrocognition and deja-vu are essentially cut from the same cloth, and there is some truth in this.

Deja-vu – from French meaning ‘already seen,’ is something that we have all likely experienced and many people believe that this is a random, small retrocognition moment, proving that anyone can develop the skill.

Where reincarnation is concerned, a lot of cultures around the world would say that, owing to multiple past lives, we develop retrocognition and many children would claim to clearly remember or are able to visualise their previous lives.


Whether you believe that retrocognition comes as a result of a past life, occurs in a similar way to deja-vu or is something that anyone can harness the power of, there is little denying that it can be done.

From psychics demonstrating knowledge of things that they would have no other way of knowing to energetic vibrations being emitted from objects and places, retrocognition allows us a glimpse into the past in a way like no other.

Whilst many people are born with the gift of retrocognition and need no regular practice to sustain it, anyone can develop the skill through things such as meditation, dream journaling and tuning in to subtle energetic frequencies that we wouldn’t usually pay attention to.

Most importantly and for the best results, it is important to regularly practise your skills and include retrocognition in your everyday life, you may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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