Empty arrow 3-5-7: Empty arrows in numerology

In the birth chart, the empty arrows in numerology have characteristics that show each person’s personality and strengths and weaknesses.

What are the outstanding features of the empty arrow 3-5-7?

In Pitago numerology, the owner of the empty arrows 3-5-7 is usually procrastinating. Before each thing, they often show a hesitant, timid, and unclear attitude.

How to fix the empty arrow 3 5 7 in numerology?

To change, they need to learn how to plan for the future. Let’s start by setting goals or maybe your dreams and ambitions. See details

Educational orientation for children with empty arrows 357

Children with empty arrows 1-5-9 in numerology from a young age have also shown their procrastination through very small things. See details


Empty arrow 3-5-7 overview

In numerology, the empty arrow 3-5-7 is an arrow that lacks all 3 numbers located on 3 different axes of the birth chart.

Because of that omission, it is the opposite of the arrow of Spiritual Sensitivity 3-5-7 and is called the Arrow of Doubt.

Empty arrow 3-5-7: Empty arrows in numerology
357 empty arrow in numerology

Outstanding Features

The person with the empty arrow 357 in the Pitago numerology.

There is always doubt in life.

They always ask questions about the issues surrounding them.

Looking at it positively, it is those questions that motivate them to find appropriate answers for themselves.

They have to find out the source of everything, to the root of each problem, in order to feel satisfied.

However, in many situations, this personality makes them suspicious.

Their detailed questions give the other person an unnatural and uncomfortable feeling.

No one will like to talk to a person who always asks questions, sometimes it creates a heavy atmosphere, the listener seems to be questioned.

The skepticism of life shows that these people have no faith in anything.

Many times that makes them become aimless, disoriented because there is nothing to cling to.

They feel that everyone around them is unreliable, that’s why some people choose to walk alone in this life.

They don’t even have a faith- as spiritual support.

Because to them, it is not certain that they have trusted, let alone a god.

To the outside world, they always create a cover, and keep a guarded attitude, away from the surroundings.

How to fix 3-5-7 . empty arrow blemishes

The omission of the numbers 3-5-7 in the birth chart has brought limitations in their lives.

The problem of overcoming is not easy one day or two, but nothing is impossible if they themselves are determined enough.

First of all, they should try to find joy in a few new things such as learning a few more skills: cooking, painting, baking, etc.

Maybe learning these things will help them have more ideals, more positive living motivation.

In addition, they should also expand their relationships, let go of their own doubts to chat, thereby having the opportunity to understand more people around them from close to strangers.

Then gradually they will realize that the world around them is not too cruel for them to be so worried or wary.

Sometimes to reduce insecurity, anxiety in the heart, they should learn a certain religion.

That not only helps them to be more spiritually pure but also to find faith in life. Sometimes you should not look around with a questioning look, but rather feel it with many senses, but especially with sensitivity.

Education Orientation

According to numerology, children with empty arrows 3-5-7 are often anxious and restless.

Before exams or important events, they are all hungover, standing still.

Besides, they often appear distant from their surrounding, difficult to make friends because it is difficult to find reliable relationships.

They share less with others than children of the same age, so their joys and sorrows are kept in their hearts.

Gradually, they become more and more withdrawn because the skepticism will grow more and more.

Parents in these cases need to pay more attention.

They need to actively talk, open up more with their children, always keep their promises to them.

Create conditions for them to participate in many outside activities not only to expand relationships but also to promote children’s curiosity.

In school or extracurricular activities, parents should spend time with their children, give their children solid spiritual support to confidently enter.

Instead of waiting for them to share, take the initiative to ask your children about what happened in their day, respect their feelings of joy or anger, and show listening.

In family relationships, don’t let children witness unpleasant moments such as arguments.

That will inadvertently make children lose faith in what they believe in the most – the closeness of people in a family.


In short, the empty arrow 357 in numerology, life in particular, and the empty arrows, in general, all have relative meanings, helping us to see and change in a more positive direction.

For example, arrows are blank 3-5-7, they can fully develop their ability to find garlic and learn to become excellent scientific researchers.

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