What is Astral Projection

Astral Projection: What You Should Know

What is Astral Projection

Ever woken up with a jolt from when you were just about to fall asleep? Then you, my friend, have probably experienced Astral Projection.

Astonishing right? What is astral projection?

You see, it is believed that when you are unconscious as a result of sleep or maybe due to shock, there is an inner consciousness that becomes quite active, and this activity is manifested in dreaming – lucid and non-lucid – or astral projection.

These two phenomena (lucid dreaming and astral projection) are both examples of “Out-of-Body Experiences” or OBEs, and this inner consciousness or double is your ‘astral body,” which is sometimes referred to as the soul.

What Are Out-of-Body Experiences


Out-of-body experiences (OBEs or OOBEs) are situations when it feels like you are separated from your sleeping or unconscious body, and yet you’re able to observe your unconscious form from an angle – which is usually above the body.

OBEs may occur intentionally or involuntarily.

Involuntary OBEs happen in events when your inner double is forced to leave the physical form for a while. People who have been involved in near-death experiences (NDEs) or trauma may have involuntary OBEs.

Even ordinary people like you and I get to have an OBE while we sleep. In fact, it is believed that a good number of people often detach their consciousness from their sleeping form without knowing it!

Most even forget about the experience once they wake up.

The only clue as to whether you had an OBE in your sleep might be the sensation of rapidly falling into your body a few seconds before you are jolted awake from a nightmare-free sleep.

Intentional OBEs, on the other hand, are completely deliberate. Here, you willfully enter a state of deep relaxation – through meditation, hypnosis, falling half asleep, and so on – and proceed to consciously pull your astral self away from your physical body.

This is what we know as astral projection.

What is Astral Projection?


The esoteric practice of astral projection stems from the ancient belief that the physical body has an intangible double that is capable of traveling to other planes of existence outside the physical one that we see and feel.

These planes of existence are – The Physical Plane, Astral Plane, Mental Plane, Buddhic Plane, Spiritual Plane, Divine Plane, and the Logoic Plane.

The astral plane is the one that’s easy to get to.

Civilizations long past, such as the Egyptians and Tibetans, have held the notion that this ‘double’ can be loosened from the physical willingly and made to traverse the astral plane from where they can communicate with cosmic beings and benefit from their knowledge.

The astral body isn’t fully detached from the physical body, rather it is tethered to it by means of a flexible yet strong shaft of light sometimes seen as a rope which is called the silver cord. This cord enables the astral projector to find their way back to their body when they end their astral journey.

There are also some passages in the bible which may be construed as evidence of astral projection during biblical times.

2 Corinthians 12:1-4 (NIV) speaks of … a man… who fourteen years ago was caught up in the third heaven. Whether it was in the body or out of the body, I do not know….There are also arguments that Ezekiel’s encounter with God and the valley of dried bones may have also been an astral projection – Ezekiel 37: 1-4.

Evidently, the astral projection has deep roots in the history of mankind. Being able to travel beyond the limitations of the physical is an ability that has been with us for a long while.

So what is its purpose? What can you gain from being able to astral project?

What’s the big idea?

Why We Practice Astral Projection


Why We Practice Astral Projection

Astral projection has a lot of benefits and potential uses too; once it is generally accepted. These benefits of astral projection include the sense of completion and bliss that comes from astral travel – that heady feeling of being part of something larger than our “small” selves.

Astral projection helps us conquer the ever-brooding fear that one day our lives may just end in a flash, and that will be it. It shows us that the “end” as we know it doesn’t exist and that there is somewhere beyond this world where our soul will abide.

This calming effect helps to heal the mind of disorders like anxiety, which in turn heals the ravages of these disorders on the body.

You can also use astral projection to remove yourself from the exertions of the physical world and give your body much-needed rest – it’s like a quick R and R for the soul, but this time you can vacation anywhere you want in the world.

Your astral body may also visit the astral plane to get information about your future or the Divine – to seek clarity.

Now to the more “practical” uses, with astral projection, you can be able to practice a skill or memorize texts and procedures in preparation for coming events. Just think about it, you can revise for pitches, tests, anything while you sleep.

Overall, practicing astral projection boosts self-confidence and helps you strive to live a happy, meaningful, impactful life.

Of course, if welcomed by all, astral projection can be useful in public spaces too. For instance, it can be used to find and rescue people in disasters or to help law enforcement in reconnaissance missions, hostage situations, and so on.

So, if it has so many benefits, why isn’t it common? Does this mean it isn’t real?

Astral Travel: Real or Not


Astral Travel Real or Not

Despite the fact that the concept of astral projection has been called a hoax or hallucinations by skeptics, there have been cases where the validity of their assumptions has been put to the test. These include a 1968 study of one Miss Z who claimed to be able to leave her body anytime she wished.

So, Dr. Charles Tart, a psychology professor at the University of California decided to test this ability. They wrote a number on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope which they left on a shelf, and instructed her to lie down and project her consciousness to find out what the number is.

When she woke up, she gave them the exact number, much to their astonishment.

There is also a CIA document dated back to 1976 which shows evidence that the U.S.A conducted tests related to astral projection.

Even with other astounding findings, the beauty of astral projection is still termed a mind trip.

Well, you can only know whether it’s real or not by taking part in an astral journey yourself. Your experience will clarify all doubts that you may have – you never know if you don’t go.

And that leads us to…

How Can I Astral Project


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to beginning the process of astral projection. There are many techniques used by as many people to ascend to the astral plane. The use of hypnosis, meditation, or a technique where the body is half asleep, but the mind is fully awake are all examples of methods of achieving astral projection.

It can be done while sitting down on a chair or lying prone on your bed in a semblance of sleep.

What they have in common is you must be fully relaxed with a clear head. You can also use aids like binaural beats developed for the sole purpose of vibrating the astral body out of the physical body.

You might experience sensations such as increased heart rates, inability to move, or weird bussing noises.

The process of astral projecting can be overwhelming for a newbie, and if you don’t take care, you might find out you’re sorely unprepared for this journey in the worst way possible.

Don’t panic, you aren’t in any danger in the astral plane. However, you might meet some low vibrational beings that may not ordinarily waylay you unless they feel you’re weak.

Now we don’t want that, do we?

So it’s advised that you read all you can on astral projection and how to protect yourself. A good way to start would be getting this comprehensive ebook on astral projection for beginners, The Art of Astral Projection by Dr. Steve G. Jones.

Also, you may need a guide to ensure you have a safe passage.

The astral plane is an exhilarating incident. Don’t limit yourself to your physical abilities, take this opportunity to experience the rush of being able to fly or leap over dizzying distances and see parts of the world you’ve only seen in travel guides or on the TV.

We are always here to answer any question that you may have on your path to achieving true oneness with the cosmos. And if you have any experiences or doubts that you are willing to share, we are always here to listen to you. Don’t forget to tell us all about your astral travel once you try it out! We wish you luck!

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