Rope Technique

How To Do The Rope Technique in 5 Easy Steps – Astral Projection

Rope Technique


There are many techniques that are commonly used to help you astrally project, so many articles litter the internet and swamp you with information that you may end up combining too many methods alongside one another which may thwart your chances of success.

The second most popular, and effective technique to induce astral projection is known as the rope technique and comes in second only to the Monroe technique, which not surprisingly, does play a part in the method we are going to discuss today.

With the astral projection rope method thought to be one of the easiest ways to enter the astral plane, it is no surprise that there are hundreds of how-to guides all across the internet. In this article, we want to provide you with a clear, easy to follow guide on mastering this technique.

How To Do The Rope Technique – A Step By Step Guide


Like any method used for astral projection, the rope technique will take some practise so it is important to enter into this with an open mind and a lot of patience. However, once you have mastered the technique, it will likely become one of your go-to’s as you further explore the astral plane.

Step One – Get Relaxed


One of the key elements of successful astral projection is being relaxed and at ease, entering into this in a tense state will only serve as negative. Many people opt to perform meditation and this is one of the easiest and most successful ways of relaxing. A body scan or Yoga Nidra guided meditation might be particularly beneficial.

However, you might also do some deep breathing exercises. If you opt to do this, you should remember to breathe slowly – the slower the better. One of the best-loved breathing exercises for relaxation is the 4-7-8 technique during which you inhale for 4 seconds, hold the breath for 7 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds.

Step Two – Enter A Hypnotic State


Once you are satisfied that you are completely relaxed, you will need to come to a state of hypnosis. When aiming to astral project, it is important to bring your mind to a point where you are on the verge of sleeping but do not allow yourself to fall to sleep.

The best way to achieve this is to get into a comfortable, reclined position and choose and object to focus on. Take your time here, there is no rush. You should stare at the object for long enough that you are then able to perfectly imagine how it looks, even with your eyes closed.

Keeping the eyes closed, and the object in your mind, you now need to enter into a state of even deeper relaxation. You should look out into the darkness behind your closed eyes and, should you experience any light or coloured patterns, it is important to pay no attention to these. As you ignore them, they will disappear and this is one of the aspects of the technique that will require practise,

Once those patterns have faded away, you will have entered this deeper stage of relaxation and your physical body will no longer be noticeable. For the first few times, this may feel strange but go with it.

Step Three – Enter A Vibration


One of the most important parts of this technique, entering a vibrational state does take some time to master. As your astral body begins to leave the physical body, you will start to feel a vibrating sensation. You should acknowledge this and make yourself aware of these vibrations, paying attention to how they travel through the body.

Now it is time to control these vibrations and this can be done by simply directing your will and using your mind to gain control over them. When you feel the vibrations, you can experiment and play with them.

Perhaps trying to stop and start them or altering the frequency of each wave. This is the most important part and once you feel confident in this and feel sure that you are able to change the frequency at will, you can move on to the next step.

Step Four – Visualise Your Rope


Picture a long rope that hangs directly above you, but be sure to do this without moving your physical body or opening your eyes as this will undo all the hard work you have put in so far. You can now visualise yourself beginning to reach for the rope.

Take a hold of it as this is what is going to pull your astral body out of your physical body. But before you go the whole hog, it’s important to do a practice run.

Clutch onto the rope and, when you do, slowly bring your hand into your physical body again. At this point, you should slow the vibrations down and stop your session.

Step Five – Go All The Way


Now that you have mastered the intricacies of getting to the point of separation, it is time to fully leave your physical body and prepare to explore the astral plane.

You will, of course, need to begin a new session and go through the previous steps once again, however, this time, when you grab onto the rope – don’t let go. Take hold of the rope with your second hand and, going hand over hand, gradually pull yourself up using the rope. Take your time!

There are some things to be aware of at this stage including a dizzy sensation and much more intense vibrations, this is completely normal so don’t let it put you off continuing. A lot of people will return to their physical bodies at this point but if you persevere, you will soon find yourself floating above your physical body and ready to experience astral projection.

To Sum Up

With many options for astral projection, it can be difficult to determine which method will be the most effective but it is generally agreed that the rope technique is one that yields good results.

This step by step guide shows you how to perform the technique and, provided that you remain calm and practise the technique, you should be able to successfully astrally project whenever you want to.

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