Planes of Existence

LIFE After The Astral: 7 Planes of Existence You Should Know

Planes of Existence

At some point in our lives, we may have stared up at the sky in frustration and wondered whether it all ends here. Well, if you’ve ever practiced astral projection, you’ll know it doesn’t.

Life doesn’t end here. Life after the astral, there are 7 planes of existence.

Well, to be honest, life as we know it ends after we take our last breath. But a part of you, the part that matters, transcends this earthly void and moves into worlds we can only dream of.

This part of you is called the soul.

So, if you have been filled with dismay and unsure of your purpose in this world and why anything matters, I am here to tell you that it does matter. The way you live your life, the way you treat people, the thoughts that you let into your head, are all factors that affect the path that your soul takes once it leaves the physical realm.

When you astral project, your astral body – much like your physical form – takes flight and moves into the astral world. I know this may sound so unlike me, but the astral world is not only for frolicking.

Yes, it’s a great place that’s different from the dreariness of physical existence, and you can fly like a bird. However, its true worth lies in the fact that this is a place of knowledge. It is a place where you can go to gain wisdom to better your earthly self and to prepare your soul for what lies beyond.

Speaking of which…

Planes of Existence – What Lies Beyond?


Shamans, great spiritualists, and renowned astral travelers have identified the existence of several worlds, including the astral. Knowledge of these worlds was obtained through interactions with divine entities who had found them worthy of such wisdom.

These worlds are seven in number and can be alternatively called the Planes of Existence.

Sounds familiar, right? Yes, we did mention them briefly in our previous articles.

Actually, we just listed them. So, this article would explain these worlds and their significance to your soul journey.

Be prepared, take a seat, we’re about to drop some heavy stuff.

But first…

I need you to visualize a large circle. It can be as large as a football stadium or regular-sized – just visualize it.

Then imagine another circle within it, and another, and another, and another, until you have six circles within the first.

No, this isn’t hypnosis. We’re just trying to explain how these worlds interact with each other.

They are independent of each other, but are still linked – one is merely a version of the other, albeit a drastically different one.

Now you have the imagery correct, we’ll go into the Planes proper.

The seven planes of existence are:

  • The Physical Plane or Earth Plane
  • Astral Plane
  • Mental Plane
  • Buddhic Plane
  • Spiritual Plane or Nirvana Plane
  • Divine Plane or Para Nirvana Plane, and
  • The Logoic Plane or God Head

Let’s take them one at a time, shall we?

1. The Earth/Physical Plane

I’m sure we’re all familiar with this Plane – where all the jerks and other sensible people stay in. This is the world as we know it. According to esotericism, it is where everyone is first incarnated into, and where they spend lifetimes trying to do good and perfect their souls – I don’t think some people got that memo.

2. The Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is like a school. We come here to learn our lessons with the help of our spirit guides, review our daily activities, and note which area of our life needs to be revamped. Then, we come back to our bodies and hopefully do better.

3. The Mental Plane

After you’re done with all the schoolwork, you transcend to this Plane. Here, you may decide to volunteer to guide other humans in their journey – like the Guardian Spirits and masters – or you may strive to ascend into the other Planes.

4. The Buddhic Plane

Here, anything akin to your physical form doesn’t exist. You are a beaming amorphous body of light vibrating at a much faster frequency. Earth becomes a vague memory.

5. The Spiritual/Nirvana Plane

This next stage is a stage of contentment. All the earthly turmoil that raged within you completely vanishes. You become spirit, and spirit becomes you. You are at peace and anticipate the higher circles.

6. The Divine/ Para Nirvana Plane

Ever sat outside the doctor’s office, gathering your wits about you and stilling yourself for the big needles that are waiting for you inside?

Well, this Plane is like that, but without all the dread.

And instead of gathering your wits, you’re gathering parts of your original spirit that were separated from you a long time ago. Didn’t you know you’re 1/15th of a spirit? Well, now you do. Actually, you’re whole but also separate… it’s really complicated.

The other fifteen parts are also trying to perfect their spirits. This may take eons, so the Divine Plane is kinda like a waiting room.

7. The Logoic Plane or God Head

When the last part of your spirit reunites with the rest in the Divine Plane, the complete spirit proceeds to the Logoic Plane or God Head. Right now, your vibrational frequency is off the charts! You are filled with bliss and wisdom of all ages. And in all that excitement – divine excitement – your sixteen spirit parts spin out of control.

And shazam! You’re a baby again. And you’re on earth, learning your lessons all over again, with fifteen other parts of you living their best life somewhere else in the world – or reincarnating as goats in a shed in some countryside.

So, you see.

Your existence does not end here, and Karma is real. Try to live a good life, explore the astral, love, and think positive thoughts. Take solace in the knowledge that your spirit doesn’t die, and all aren’t just blackness afterward.

Well, if you are yet to astral project, then you’re missing the bliss that comes with knowing this. But you can still learn – it’s not too late. So, if you have any questions on astral projection and all things astral, we’re here to help out. Stay special!

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