Numerology number 8 meaning – the dominant number of confident, strong personality

Each dominant number always represents the positive and negative sides of each other. What is numerology number 8 meaning? In this article, we will learn:

What is the development area that fits the mainstream number 8?

They can be leaders and managers of large enterprises with their excellent executive ability or are attracted by the banking, securities industries.

Numerology number 8 meaning - the dominant number of confident, strong personality

Salient features of numerology number 8

As an independent, confident person, possessing a strong personality, more intellectual than others, and with his outstanding ability to withstand pressure, people with numerology 8 often take on key positions or are senior managers in the company, as reliable support for others.

In numerology , the person with the dominant number 8 is also an emotional person but does not know how to express their feelings, invisibly creating a distance between them and those around them.

About the nature and capacity

Number 8 people who value independence and self-control have a strong personality, so sometimes their independence is shown too sharp to the outside, into a relatively cold attitude, sometimes becoming indifferent.

This is partly because it is difficult for them to open their mouth and express their feelings.

They are also a person with a complex, multi-dimensional way of thinking; show as they sympathize with those who are having problems in life

They are also very willing to help and support others, but gradually they themselves become impatient with those who become too dependent on them – which makes them feel that these people are losing their independence.

The dominant number people are 8 in Pitago numerology outstanding intellectual property, good business thinking ability.

They can have great successes in life, but it is also possible to have similar failures, from which they will grow up, learn how to improve themselves through those experiences.

They are quite sensitive to money, power and material issues, so they have the ability to understand financial issues and are often interested in banking, securities … along with the ability to hide their emotions.

However, they can also be very successful in professional acting.

numerology number 8

The disadvantages faced by number 8

Their too strong independence will easily lead to arguments, lack of understanding and sympathy between the two sides, and they often ignore the needs and feelings of others whenever someone wants to interfere in the matters they planned.

This makes it easier for relationships to come to a standstill because it really takes a person with enough sophistication and ingenuity to lead them.

In fact, numerology people number 8 need a lot of guidance, especially when it comes to families or parenting – because they are the ones who often have trouble expressing their feelings.

Plus, they also spend more time at work, which creates an imbalance and gives rise to problems, making it easier for them to go astray, overzealous – or overindulged. , or too strict.

Therefore, people of Number 8 need to learn how to express their feelings and respect to the other person, creating a harmony between emotions and wisdom that will make their life much richer and happier.

The development direction of the main number 8

People with Pitago numerology number 8 have focused too much wisdom on work, they should learn to express their emotions and develop comprehensive intelligence both emotionally, so they will find a balance in their work. life.

They should experience more, because it is through experiences, and lessons learned from that will make them learn to improve themselves, they will gradually know how to express their feelings and emotions more.

So they can through travel, become experts in travel, captains, or pilots.

Development field

They can be leaders and managers of large enterprises with their excellent executive ability or attracted to the banking, securities, and industries with their sensitivity on financial issues.

They can also be travel coordinators, pilots, nurses serving the elderly or children, … or successful actors in the professional acting profession.

numerology 8


People of the Number 8 are very reliable, independent, confident, materially sensitive, difficult to express their feelings, but always have compassion inside.

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