Numerology number 7 meaning – the main number of fun, active, creative

Each dominant number always represents the positive and negative sides of each other. What is numerology number 7 meaning? In this article, we will learn:

What is the development area that fits the mainstream number 7?

Number 7 people are not really good at business. Therefore, they need to be careful with investment and business activities.

Numerology number 7 meaning - the main number of fun, active, creative

Salient features of numerology number 7

People whose dominant number is 7 in numerology are seen as a person who enjoys practical experiences, preferring to engage in real-life activities rather than academic knowledge in books.

They always have in themselves the qualities of fun, dynamism, creativity and above all enthusiasm for practical experiences.

About the nature and capacity

In life, people with the dominant number 7 in numerology always tend to experience more than other numbers, so in learning in an educational environment, the number 7 seems to be slower than others.

The number 7 is an independent number, so in life, the number 7 is a bit difficult to work with others despite always having enthusiasm and creativity.

They always like to work independently and can hardly listen to anyone’s opinion or instruction.

Therefore, the life of the number 7 is quite precarious and difficult.

They often have to trade at least one of the 3 things “health, love, money” to be able to achieve the success they want.

The disadvantages that number 7 has

People with the number 7 often have difficulties in life because they are a person who loves freedom and hate constraints and frameworks.

Therefore, their life is very experiential as well as accepting challenges very well.

Because they are a lover of freedom and comfort, the number 7 is somewhat reluctant to listen to the advice and decisions of others because they feel forced and uncomfortable.

They prefer to make their own decisions instead of letting someone else do it.

This makes the number 7 somewhat conservative and unpleasant when working with others.

In life, number 7 is forced to trade things that are important to him in order to achieve success, which is “health, love, money”.

Therefore, they must be a strong person to be able to accept the sacrifices and losses to continue the journey ahead.

numerology number 7

Development direction of numerology number 7

In order to develop more in life, it is essential for number 7 to always listen to and respect the opinions of others because it is a bloody experience through their failures.

To do this, they need to put their ego aside and accept their mistakes as common sense.

The number 7 people are a bit conservative but in return, they are very active and confident in the experiences they encounter.

They always find ways to solve problems, not just sit and complain about those problems.

Therefore, learning and discovering real-life helps them develop even more because that is always their strength.

They will surely fall many times but the important thing is what they learn after those falls, the more they learn after each fall, the more mature they become and come closer to the road of success. than.

Development field

In Pitago numerology, the number 7s are not really good at business.

Therefore, they need to be careful with investment and business activities.

Maybe it’s because the numbers aren’t suitable for those who like the feeling of experience like them. Parents who have children or grandchildren have numerology 7.

Then don’t rush to judge children just by their results in class because they simply don’t fit the restrictive and double-framed educational environment, always expand children’s potential through more practical activities.

The number 7 has confidence and enthusiasm for practical issues, so it will be very suitable for the law profession.

Or they can also join teaching blocks in the field of humanities such as teachers, philosophers, and scientists.

Besides, they are also quite skilled in using sharp knives in accordance with their needs. be a surgeon or a blacksmith or a weaver.

numerology 7


In general, people with the number 7 are those who love the experience, enjoy the freedom and hate the boring, stereotyped life.

Therefore, they do not like to follow the direction of others as well as their advice.

If you can overcome your own ego and listen to the sharing and advice of others, the number 7 will surely achieve a lot of success as desired.

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