Is Astral Projection Dangerous

Is Astral Projection Dangerous? Truths And Myths You Should Know About

Is Astral Projection Dangerous

The ability to master astral projection is sought by many people, yet most are discouraged by the perceived “dangers” of astral projection.

Most of these fears are built by hearing stories from various sources painting the astral plane as a vast, confusing, frightful, and downright spooky place with malevolent demons springing gruesome ambushes on your poor soul.

Is Astral Projection Dangerous?

The issue is that most of these tales come from people who –

  • Have not practiced astral projection in their lives, but just want to feel knowledgeable
  • Were severely unprepared or not lucid when they astral projected and so couldn’t really process the novelty of the astral plane and all it contains, so their minds may have twisted the experience into a skewed version of what it actually is.
  • Were prepared or thought they were actually but entered the astral plane with fear or during an unstable time in their lives.
  • Enjoyed the experience of astral projection, but spread stories of danger and festering evil so they can seem like some form of ‘astral superman… supersoul?”

Yes, it’s okay to be a little scared when you’re trying something new, but trying to understand that new experience is far more productive than fearing it.

Reminds me of one Marie Curie quote I came across some time ago,

Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

So do not panic or worry. To be fair, a lot of what you’ve heard about the dangers of astral projection are mere myths crafted from ignorance.

And we’ll help debunk them.

What You Should Know About Astral Projection


Astral projection has been here probably since the dawn of man itself. Ancient civilizations have practiced the art of detaching the soul from the physical body and traveling to a dimension beyond the physical – an astral plane.

There are actually seven planes of existence: The Physical Plane, Astral Plane, Mental Plane, Buddhic Plane, Spiritual Plane, Divine Plane, and the Logoic Plane.

The astral plane is the most accessed plane – asides from the physical of course – and many of us at one point in our lives have journeyed to that realm, most times during our sleep and without our knowledge.

You may have felt a falling sensation right before you woke up, chest-heaving from a dream. As far as it’s not a nightmare, you probably may have astral projected involuntarily.

Some have also experienced this during severe illnesses or accidents that pushed them to the brink of death. These are called Near-Death-Experiences or NDEs.

Others have mastered astral projecting at will through a variety of methods.

What Can I Gain From Astral Projection?


Well, there are multiple benefits of astral projection. Being able to explore the astral plane gives you a sense of freedom and completion.

To be able to know that there exists a place for the soul beyond the physical world is exhilarating and can help with anxiety and lack of confidence.

People can also use the opportunity to practice a skill; for instance, a doctor might go through surgical procedures in preparation for an imminent surgery. It gives a sense of readiness to tackle anything the world throws your way.

What Can I Expect When I Astral Project?


Asides from the usual feeling of floating, a tingling sensation, and the presence of the silvery cord or shaft of light connecting you to your body, there’s really no big deal.

The big deal lies in the astral plane, which is composed of a lot of things. Even whole cities can exist there, far greater than any city we may know or have read about. And a lot of entities inhabit these “cities.”

As is the same in reality, where a lot is gathered, there you shall find both the good and the evil. This is also true of the astral plane.

There will be kind, gracious spirits, and then there will be vicious fiendish spirits.

In fact, in early Egyptian times, during an initiation into the Mysteries of Isis, novices are required to fast in order to enter the astral plane, where they are greeted by both spirits of the upper world (celestial beings) and those of the underworld (demons).

Speaking of which, let’s finally go through all those dangers that people talk about.

The Dangers And Myths Of Astral Projection


Some of the concerns you may have about astral projection will hover around the following issues:

1. Can My Physical Body Die?

While you are in the astral plane, your consciousness leaves your body, and at that moment, it’s basically dead weight – pun intended.

You may not be able to wake up as quickly as you would if you were just sleeping.

This means that your physical body is totally unprotected, and any person can come in and shoot you or harm you. Or some other bad thing may happen to your body. This means you may die, and your soul passes on.

This is why you should always perform astral projection in a safe place, and with supervision, if possible.

2. Can My Silver Cord be Cut?

The silver cord is what tethers your astral body or soul to your physical body. It is not tangible, and only appears like a cord. It may be likened to a shaft of bright light between your bodies, which you can use to get back to your physical form.

It is very elastic, remarkably strong, and quite durable. The only time it may be in danger is if something is happening to your physical form.

No demon or fellow astral traveler can sever it. They may try to tamper with it, but with adequate protection, you can ward them off.

A form of protection would be vibrating at a very high frequency, which means that you have to approach the experience with a good mind and as little fear as possible. Other forms of protection include imagining a bright white/golden light shooting from within you and shielding you, calling on your astral guides or angels or even God.

3. Can I Be Harmed by Demons?

Yes, harmful spirits can suck your energy or exploit you, but this rarely happens. In fact, it won’t happen if you protect yourself, are firm, and do not invite them to possess you or come back to the physical realm with you.

Don’t have sex with them either. There are no astral condoms, and you’ll lose valuable parts of your psyche.

These creatures are usually low vibrational beings, so you are protected if you have been good in reality and enter the astral plane with an open and strong mind. They are attracted to negativity and weakness.

4. Can I Get Lost in the Astral Plane?

Journeying in the astral plane may take you to lands unknown, but don’t panic. You are connected to your body and will always find your way back. It may seem delayed, but remember that time in the astral plane is a mere construct, and the delay may have just lasted a minute or two in reality.

Robert Munroe, a renowned researcher of OBEs, even admitted once to wandering so far during his early astral projections that he found it a bit difficult to come back. But he still did.

Another issue that may cause a delay in going back to your body would be bad spirits that try to talk you into not returning. Remember to whip out the light.

Then visualize the cord and imagine it pulling you into your body.

5. Why Am I Tired When I Eventually Wake Up?

After an astral projection, you are meant to be filled with bliss and energized. If you feel like the opposite, it may be due to certain factors.

You may have let a silly spirit get to you and take some of your psychic energy – remember your protection always. Or your method of astral projection may be interfering with your sleep and should be modified.

6. What About Sleep Paralysis?

When you sleep, your body releases certain chemicals that numb itself, so you don’t act out your dreams. When this chemical doesn’t wear off before we wake, it results in sleep paralysis – a situation of being fully conscious but unable to move a muscle.

Your brain panics and dredges up frightening images to try to explain what is happening to you. You may hallucinate and see frightful figures around you.

This isn’t a danger of astral projection; rather, it is the perfect time for an astral project. This is because it is now relatively easier to detach your astral body from your inert physical form.

It isn’t easy, but you should relax and ignore the hallucinations. Then try to visualize yourself lifting off from your body.

In conclusion, there aren’t any real dangers of astral projection. The only danger is fear and an unstable emotional state.

Before you project, you should:

  • Read and practice extensively, so you are better prepared
  • Protect your physical and psychical bodies
  • Be patient and give yourself time
  • Balance time spent in the astral plane and that spent in the physical world. Don’t be too attached to the astral plane.
  • Be positive

Astral projection is glorious if you let it. Just be serious and intentional about the experience. If you have any questions at all or want to share your experience, don’t hesitate to reach us. Safe travels!

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