Galactic Federation Of Light

The Galactic Federation Of Light

Galactic Federation Of Light

More than four and a half million years ago, the Galactic Federation Of Light was founded, and many people rely on messages from it, even to this day. But what is the Galactic Federation Of Light and what is its purpose?

In this article, we are going to explore the federation, getting to know what it does, who is a member and what its mission is.

What Is The Galactic Federation Of Light?

Some people refer to the Galactic Federation Of Light, or the GF for short, as being similar in structure to the United Nations, only in this instance, rather than working in unison for the nations of the world, it is on a much larger scale.

Each of the galaxies in the universe has its own federation and all of these are thought to be a part of the bigger Universal Federation which governs all of the galaxies, including our very own, Milky Way.

One of the major advantages of the GF is that many believe it to be resistant to corruption and in order to qualify for a place within it, many criteria must be met. But more on that later.

6 Things You Need To Know About The Galactic Federation Of Light

Whilst there are a lot of people who have a deep-seated interest in the GF, there are some who have never heard of it and with so much information surrounding the federation, it can be difficult to know where to start.

But we have put together 6 of the most important things that you need to know about the Galactic Federation Of Light – and some of them may come as a surprise.

1. Earth Isn’t Yet A Member

Whilst many people here on earth would love to be a part of the GF, currently, we are not. That isn’t to say that we won’t be in the future but, as we mentioned, the criteria to join is pretty strict.

Star Nations all have the opportunity to join the GF. When we talk about a Star Nation, we are referring to anything that is made up of one or more planets. In order to qualify for membership in the GF, each Star Nation has to evolve to a particular level of cultural and spiritual maturity – earth simply isn’t at this point.

However, in order to prepare us for inclusion, there are many existing members of the Galactic Federation Of Light living here on earth, guiding us in uniting in love which will allow us to qualify for membership.

The premise of the GF is to act in love and light and this ties in with the need for Star Nations who have reached an acceptable level of spiritual maturity. Each of the members displays a culture that is spiritually advanced and enlightened.

What’s more, these Star Nations are all easily able to fall into line with the Law of One and the Universal Consciousness. Here on earth, whilst we may be technologically and academically advanced, our spirituality is, unfortunately lacking.

If earth wishes to stand a chance at gaining membership to the GF, we must shift our planet towards a more peaceful and unified state and whilst it may not appear that this is happening, many people believe that we are closer than we would first think.

However, we must first rid the earth of certain darkness to obtain true peace, at which point, we will qualify automatically to join the Galactic Federation Of Light and will forthwith be known as ‘Earth Star Nation.’

Many believe that the celebration that comes along with this will be something that will be ingrained into the history of the earth – an enormous party across the galaxy will be held to welcome us to the GF and afterwards, humanity will have the opportunity to explore a reality that we currently are unable to imagine.

2. There Aren’t A Huge Amount Of Members

Currently, there are thought to be many millions of members in the GF and this is continually growing. When we think about the size of our galaxy, which has around 100 billion planets, it demonstrates just how difficult it is to advance a Star Nation to the point where it qualifies for members.

It is believed that as many as 40% of the members are in humanoid form whereas the remaining 60% are conscious beings.

The founding members of the Galactic Federation Of Light are believed to have been Orion and Lyran, both of whom are still very active members to this day.

Whilst this was, for the infant years of the GF, a very small community, the federation quickly grew as more and more Star Nations reached their advanced status.

3. Ours Is The Oldest GF In The Universe

There is an unimaginable number of Galactic Federations all over our universe, with the closest being made up from Star Nations in our neighbouring galaxy of Andromeda, who resemble us in physical form and have has their GF running for the last three and a half million years – some one million years fewer than our own.

As we mentioned earlier on, our Milky Way GF was founded more than four and a half million years ago by Orion and Lyran and this took place after the most recent galactic war, which wreaked havoc and brought devastation to many galaxies.

When the was had ended, those who had survived made the decision to create a federation which would prevent such a catastrophic event from occurring again, thus, the Galactic Federation Of Light was born.

As the GF grew, more and more Star Nations joined and devoted themselves to aiding in the peaceful, loving and unified existence of the galaxy, inspiring other galaxies to do the same.

4. It’s Not Easy To Communicate With The GF If You’re Not A Part Of It

Whilst a lot of humans would love the chance to interact with members of the GF, due to their advanced spiritual and cultural status, the contact that we can have with them is very limited.

For this reason, there are many people who doubt the federations very existence but this is something else that we need to overcome in order to become a part of it.

For other people, this limited contact brings about questions on the meaning of life and, when we think about the immense ascension game that we are a part of it, it is little wonder.

In order to ascend to a level that would grant us access to the GF, we need to evolve by ourselves and figure out the path to our galactical guardians. Whilst this may seem trying, without these challenges and tests, we would not be able to evolve.

Essentially, the guardians and members of the GF aren’t going to do the hard work for us and when they do communicate with us, it may be subtle and even ‘on the sly.’

The most common form of communication is through life-force energy, delivered to us from the masters and guides of the Galactic Federation Of Light. We see this energy being displayed in creative works such as music, art and written work, and it is down to us to pick out their messages.

What’s even more interesting is that the GF is believed to exist outside of time as we know it – perhaps in another dimension and so, whilst they are aware of our getting closer to them, they are unable to see us and rather sense us as a vibrational frequency.

5. The GF Are Working For The Greater Good

When we imagine these otherworldly beings, it can be easy to feel fearful, patronised or sceptical. However, when we learn that the members of the Galactical Federation Of Light are working for the greater good, it is a lot easier to accept their presence.

Here on earth, we struggle to discipline ourselves even at the most basic level. For example, we become easily addicted to substances such as drugs and alcohol, we find it hard to control what we eat and how we behave and many of us struggle to even accept that there is a spiritual world and treat our lives as a one-time, finite experience.

It is any wonder, then, that we are yet to ascend to an advanced enough position to join the GF?

The current members of the GF are working to help guide us towards that advanced status and they do so with love and light – hence the name.

These members are far superior to us when it comes to spiritual advancement and rather than trying to patronise us with their knowledge, they are using it to lead us to greater heights – we only have to be willing to accept this.

Many people may be under the impression that the members are power-hungry but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, despite their ability to control the powers of the universe, these beings want us to move to even greater heights than they already are, demonstrating their infinite loving mercy and wisdom.

6. The GF Has It’s Own Meeting Room

When we say it has a meeting room, what we actually mean is the Galactic Federation Of Light has it’s own Great Hall used for conferences and meetings between each of the Star Nation members.

Each of these members sends one council member to the Great Hall, however, with each of the councils having their own Great Hall, meetings may also be held in any of these. For this reason, it can become a little confusing.

You might imagine it like different branches of a global company – each would have their own meeting room on-site but there would be one at HQ where the big-guns go to put their heads together.

One of the major points that are frequently discussed at such meetings involves what is known as the Travelling Galactic Management Team which is a starship from the Nibiruan council made up from a variety of races. Their aim is to keep the peace across the galaxy and as such, meet to discuss how to implement this.

It is commonly believed that the ‘headquarters’ for the GF of the Milky Way is located in the star system known as Sirius which can be accessed via our very own solar system, with our sun acting as a gateway to Sirius.

More On The Galactic And Universal Federations

As we have discovered, our Galactic Federation Of Light is one of many members of a larger Universal Federation that is acting to maintain peace and harmony and ultimately avoid another tragic war of the galaxies.

Quite often we are confronted with images and stories of alien beings, and the diversity of these is nothing to write home about with most people describing a greyish being of a slim build with bulging black eyes – you know the kind of thing we are talking about.

And whilst there may well be beings like this in the universe, those that are thought to be members of the GF have a much more varied appearance.

The Andromedans, as we mentioned earlier, are humanoid creatures that greatly resemble our own race but moving a little further out of our galactic neighbourhood, we begin to see other beings.

For example, those from the Arcturian Galaxy more closely resemble horses whereas the Centaurians have both reptile and humanoid races.


Across our galaxy, there are lifeforms that we are currently unable to connect with due to our unevolved spirituality.

These beings are believed to be a part of a wider group known as the Galactic Federation Of Light which is a group that is responsible for maintaining peace and love throughout the galaxy.

Even bigger than this is the Universal Federation, of which our GF is a member, along with millions of other Galactic Federations, all aiming to help us reach a point of ascension that allows us to move forward.

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