The Different Kinds of Astral Planes

The Different Kinds of Astral Planes And What You Can Do There

The Different Kinds of Astral Planes

Tired of exploring the same old places in your astral travels? I bet you didn’t know there are other astral planes. Well, you’re about to find out.

Okay, let’s pause.

Maybe you’re now familiar with astral projection. You can detach your astral body at will and bound through the jagged tips of the Himalayas while singing Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger. Swimming with whales and dancing a jig on the Sphinx is just normal now.

The idea of zipping in and out of houses, visiting wondrous places in the world has become a little stale. And now you’re probably wondering, “Is that all there is to astral projection?

 Well, well, well, you haven’t even scratched the surface, dear grasshopper.

The astral plane is just one plane out of the seven planes of existence. And even within it, there are different planes or levels which we can access. Being able to soar about your body and observe people is just the tip of an enormous iceberg – we’re talking Titanic proportions here.

We can’t even begin to describe how many levels there are, because people have different experiences. But we can try to group these levels into planes.

Hang on to your astral hats, because here we go!

The Different Astral Planes You May Encounter

Robert Munroe groups the various astral planes into two,

  • Locale 1, and
  • Locale 2

Locale 1 or The Prime Material Plane

Locale 1 or the Prime Material Plane is the first realm and is made up of that which is most familiar to us. It is a mimicry of the three-dimensional world we live in.

In this realm, every object is the same as it is in reality. A replica of your real-life bedroom exists in this plane, and so do whole countries and people – yes, you can spy on Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian.

All your mountain- jumping, whale-riding adventures occur in this realm, and anything thing which you expect to see in the real world happens in this mirror-image plane. You don’t need to have seen something or somewhere before you can explore it in this plane; if it exists in the real world, then it’ll probably exist here too.

And because this plane so similar to our physical world, some researchers of all things astral refer to projections leading you here as Real Time Zone (RTZ) Projections.

On your first try, you usually enter this plane first, and even on subsequent attempts.

In fact, most astral travelers never really go past this stage. This is totally fine. The world is big enough to satisfy your quest for exploration and more.

However, you can travel to other astral planes too. And with enough practice, you can skip the prime material plane altogether when making your next astral projection. It all depends on your vibrational level.

These planes are far different from the prime material realm, like way way on the other side of the normal scale.

Let’s take a look.

Locale 2

Locale 2 is a surreal plane.

Nothing here is remotely like the physical plane we know unless we imagine it into existence. This Space is filled with beings you have never seen and probably will never see in reality – your wildest imaginations will get schooled here.

This plane is actually divided into two distinct realms, which we’ll get into now. They are:

1. Lower Planes/Realms

Lower Planes Astral Projection

Uh-oh! Now, this is one part of the astral that you sure don’t want to go to – voluntarily at least – because it’s filled with all the nasties and bogies of the astral world.

The meanest, most terrible, and trickiest low vibrational beings inhabit this realm, just waiting for the unwitting traveler that they’ll leech off of.

This plane is usually shadowy and filled with nightmarish entities that feed on the energies of travelers and leave them feeling down and disgruntled when they wake up.

You may never encounter this plane as it is only drawn by negative thoughts and fears. So you have to be very conscious of how you’re felling before you try to astral project. If you’re feeling angry, afraid, hateful, or just plain been a very nasty person, then don’t attempt to astral travel.

However, maybe you are floating around, and you find yourself amid these low vibrational demons, what do you do?

First, imagine a bright light springing out from you and chasing away the little cockroaches. You can also think positive thoughts, pray, or sing that uplifting jingle while flying up and away from them. If you’re feeling really helpless, you can just let your Spirit guides get rid of the scum – just call them.

Spirit guides are entities assigned to us at our birth for our protection. Kinda like guardian angels.

Don’t be too frightened of lower plane demons. They can’t cut your silver cord. Please feel free to smite them with glee – literally.

2. Higher Planes/Realms

Higher Planes Astral Projection

This is where it gets interesting. These planes are where the glorious celestial beings reside. If you’re vibrating on a very high frequency, you just might be able to wine and dine with the divine.

You can ask them questions that have plagued you and drink from the well of their wisdom. It is a very brilliant affair.

This plane is filled with light, joy, and completeness. There are magnificent cities and palaces filled with wonder. You are bliss, and you might not want to leave either – I know I didn’t.

To achieve this level, you have to be filled with peaceful thoughts, there should be no doubt. And even if you fail to reach it on the first try, you can ask your guides to help you achieve this plane.

And these aren’t the only places you can go to. You can see whole galaxies and view the cosmos from an astral sofa hanging in Space. You can do anything! All you have to do is take a flight in your personal astral jet and zoom off. Happy travels!

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