Astral Projection Guide

The Art of Astral Projection – The Only Astral Projection Guide You Will Need

Astral Projection Guide

If you have been interested in the self-improvement topic, there’s a chance that you’ve come across the Astral Projection Guide as one of the best ways to improve the human-beings quality.

Astral Projection is also known as Astral Travel. This spiritual technique focuses on allowing the spiritual body to travel in the different realities, breaking the laws of physics like gravity, space and time.

If it is in your radar lately, I’d suggest you pick the right sources to equip yourself with the adequate knowledge, techniques, and skills of astral projection.

Therefore, the best Astral Projection Guide that I’d like to recommend is namely below.

The Art of Astral Projection eBook


Written by Dr Steve G.Jones, “The Art of Astral Projection Beyond The Physical Real” is the whole package which will help you all set with the astral projection skills and techniques.

This Astral Projection Guide is published by MindValley, comprising a comprehensive Astral Projection Guide which is broken down into forteen audiobooks and five bonus materials.

The Premise

So, what’s this Astral Projection Guide all about?

For those who haven’t known about the natural astral body, you might have heard about the conventional story about the astral body that links to the physical counterpart through the umbilicus. Well, for the “Art of Astral Projection”, this theory is not accurate at all.

Not to mention that many “self-proclaimed” experts claimed that the astral body only happens in the near-death experience.

Well, the Art of Astral Projection Beyond the Physical Real can break the myths. We don’t have to put ourselves in danger to achieve the spiritual body experience.

This comprehensive Astral Projection Guide will guide you through the safe and accurate techniques to travel your astral form to any places that you want in no time.

With the astral projection skills that you’ve achieved, you will be able to improve your overall life, improve your consciousness, develop your ESS skills, as well as enhance your happiness and wellness.

About the author

Dr Steve G.Jones is a genius behind this program. For some people who are interested in the hypnotist topic, you won’t see this name as a strange one. Most folks have been familiar with this renowned hypnosis expert.

For the past 25 years, he has spent his time testing and improving astral projection techniques in order to educate others on how to do astral travel effectively. That explains why his collection of methods has been relevant to many people around the world.

He found out his passion for Astral projection skills when he was still in military school. Since then, he had mastered the art of hypnosis and mind power. His branches of knowledge and techniques wouldn’t stop there.

His vibrant astral projection programs have been helping many people who want to improve their overall life in a bizarre and free way.

Astral Projection Program


This fantastic program consists of 14 audiobooks that will guide you through the comprehensive guides and complete bonus materials for attaining the high level of astral projection experience quality.

The creator of this program designs the guide to help you get on the right track on attempting the most appropriate and the real astral experience which is accurate and appropriate.

Here are the 14 audiobooks that you will follow through:

  • Module 1: This module gives you a heads up about what’s going to be in the guide and how you are going to use this guide for your benefits.
  • Module 2: Tells you how to conduct the proper breathing for the astral projection. The basic breathing techniques can help you a lot in preparing yourself for the first phase of the astral projection. 
  • Module 3: It will help you understand that you can get rid of all of the negative things from your mind so that you will be more prepared for the astral projection. Here is where everything will get more serious.
  • Module 4: Here you will attain comprehensive knowledge about how to work around your chakras meditation to improve your body, emotions, as well as mental health.
  • Module 5: In this section, you will obtain great knowledge on how to harness the appropriate power source to give supply your astral travel full experience. 
  • Module 6: This module focuses to help you to reach the trance state which provides mental affirmation that can shape your astral travel accommodations to the fullest.
  • Module 7: There are the states of trance that you will need to attain for great astral projection: beta, alpha, theta, to the final level.
  • Module 8: Here, you will get the best knowledge of mind-clearing to procure the positive project maximally. It is also useful to get rid of the negative thoughts which can hinder your astral projection process. You will be equipped with a lot of motivations and positive thinkings in this module.
  • Module 9: Here is where things get more interesting. You will know how it feels, looks, and sounds when your spirit makes the gaps with your body. In this module, you will find the real answer that you’ve been searching for so far. You will know what astral travel feels like.
  • Module 10: In this module, you will be on your astral planes. You will get the astral travel experience much deeper.
  • Module 11: You will understand how astral projection affects physics. It will also discuss how you can cope with the fears and challenges in the 4th dimension. There will be ups and downs information that you will need to filter. You will realize that the Astral Projection is amazing and terrifying at the same time. But these facts are what make you more complete than before.
  • Module 12: In this module, you will attain great knowledge on how to make contact with the other entities in the 4th dimension. There will be different fundamental techniques and strategies you will be learning from this module.
  • Module 13: Explains the basics of sexual activities in the astral planes. You will also be able to get the ability of astral sex.
  • Module 14: This last module will help you to comprehend the next level of skills for making your astral projection more relevant in your life.

The Bonus


The program consists of five bonuses which include the secrets of astral projection, the secrets of astral viewing in the form of two ebooks. The other three bonuses come in audiobooks form including the comprehensive courses in theta module, astral projection mediation with the binaural tones, and the last is also important.

I think it could be the best bonus in this program. The entire audio transcriptions of all of the modules. If you don’t prefer to read all of the modules by yourself, you could listen to the full audio transcriptions and learn all of the things in your own phase.

What I like about this program:

  • Straightforward content – you don’t need a specific degree of education to learn about all the techniques.
  • Get your knowledge from the master hypnotist.
  • You can choose a one-time payment to have it.
  • You don’t need to spend thousands for joining self-growth seminars or conferences.
  • 60 days 100% money-back guarantee – there is nothing to lose for you.

What I dislike:

  • None. It does not work for skeptical people. If you think that Astral Projection is nonsense, then you won’t be able to get it.


Astral Projection can bring a lot of benefits to your life in many ways. This program helps you to improve the results of your self-improvement and identity searching. It focuses on more of your inner self so that you will be more confident and trust yourself more.

Astral Projecting is arguably the most fascinating thing in the world. But close-minded people won’t get it. If you are being open-minded now, consider yourself lucky because you will have the chance to apply this to yourself.

Imagine how much joy and exciting experiences you will be able to get after learning the Astral Projection Guide from the Art of Astral Projection.

So, what are you waiting for? Count yourself in now!

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