Astral Projection Meditation

Astral Projection Meditation – Benefits and How They Work

Astral Projection Meditation


Meditation is used for a variety of things, most commonly for stress relief, improved focus, and aiding in sleep. However, one of the lesser-known uses of meditation is for astral projection. In this article, we want to focus on introducing the concept of astral projection meditation and how combining astral projection and meditation may lead to a heightened and more intense experience.

What Is Astral Projection?


Many people may have seen astral projection portrayed for the first time in the movies. Motion pictures such as the Insidious series heavily feature the concept but, as most of us are aware, Hollywood doesn’t always portray things as they are in reality,

Astral projection is, quite simply, the subtle body leaving the physical body whilst in a semi-conscious state, and whilst this may sound a little technical, it can be easily explained. You may have heard astral projection being referred to by many names including an out-of-body experience or OBE, but whatever you call it, these all refer to the same thing – your astral body heading out onto the astral plane.

When we talk about the astral plane, we are referring to one of seven planes of being. As human beings, we are commonly understood to exist on the material plane and it is not hard to see why. Everything around us is tangible, we can interact with it – in essence, it’s material.

The astral plane, on the other hand, is a more spiritual place and is commonly believed to be the place where souls go after death before moving on to either their final place of rest or the next life. In addition to this, many believe that the astral plane is also home to many spirits and angels that do not have human roots.

Now, whilst this may all sound a little hard to believe, it is possible to experience the astral plane for yourself through mastering the art of astral projection.

This can be done by anyone and whilst there are people who are more naturally able to astrally project, the technique can be learned and aided through activities such as meditation.

Whilst on the astral plane, people can experience things that they wouldn’t usually such as flying and speaking to deceased loved ones but they are also able to take part in everyday activities such as eating and sex but will experience a heightened feeling in reaction to this.

How Does Astral Projection Work?


Astral projection may sound like something super complicated but in truth, it is simply a form of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming, for those of you that don’t know, is a semi-conscious state in which we dream but are aware of the fact. Lucid dreamers can manipulate and control their dreams and astral projection comes as a by-product of this.

If you have ever experienced that jumping sensation upon waking up, you have the potential to astrally project. This is, in fact, the soul re-entering the body during or after a lucid dream and, if you remain in the semi-conscious state, you can go on to experience astral projection.

However, it is also possible to enter the astral plane directly. What’s most interesting is that scientists are unable to debunk the theory of astral projection and have gathered evidence to support it.

During these studies, it was noted that the activity within the brain of a supposedly sleeping person, was in fact, conducive to that of a fully alert, wakeful person.

What Is Meditation?


In the most simple terms, meditation is a practice whereby the individual uses a technique such as focus or mindfulness to promote feelings of calm, relaxation, and improved cognition, amongst other things.

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, far before the time where any such practice was recorded and as such, it is difficult to pinpoint its origins but one thing is for sure, it is frequently used by people from all over the world and of all different spiritual backgrounds.

How Does Meditation Benefit Astral Projection?


For many aspiring astral travelers, meditation is one of the go-to activities to induce astral projection. One of the key elements for successful astral projection is that you must be relaxed, the technique is virtually impossible if you are at all tense or unable to remain calm.

For this reason, meditation serves as the first port of all for anyone looking to induce astral projection.

It is no secret that meditation can promote relaxation, even sleep and this is a result of altered brain waves, lowered heart rate, and calmer breathing so performing meditation for this purpose seems the natural thing to do.

In addition to this, because one must begin to fall asleep in order to astrally project, meditation can be of great assistance in this, with many people using it as a way to drift off at the end of a long day.

Many of the techniques used to encourage astral projection to revolve around visualization, take the rope technique for example, in which the person must imagine a rope hanging above them as they are falling asleep.

Benefits of Astral Projection Meditation


What’s important here is that you do not allow yourself to enter an unconscious state but rather allow the physical body to sleep. At this point, you can use your imaginary rope to pull your astral body free of the physical one.

Now, even if you aren’t using meditation to help you relax in preparation for astral projection, practicing your visualization skills through guided meditation can be super beneficial.

Finally, meditation can greatly improve your focus which is an essential aspect when learning how to astrally project. If you don’t know where to begin, the internet is full of meditations aimed at astral projection but just keep in mind that not all will be effective. It pays to do some research to find the most reputable meditation teachers.

If nothing else, the practice has been shown to induce a variety of health benefits such as lowered anxiety, improved blood pressure, and better cognitive function to name a few.


Until recently, astral projection may have been viewed as unobtainable for most people, with an image of an enlightened paranormal expert masterfully entering the astral plane without any difficulty. But, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, anyone can experience astral projection and enjoy exploring a new plane of being without any impact on the physical body.

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