Astral Projection For Beginners

Astral Projection For Beginners – The Complete Guide for Beginners

Astral Projection For Beginners

Hey there! So maybe you’ve heard the phrase “astral projection” and immediately thought about monks in saffron robes going “ooommmm”, but I’m here to tell you that astral projection for beginners – like you – is actually quite possible.

But first, throw that Avatar the Last Airbender image away for a second.

You don’t have to shave your head and sit cross-legged under a jade statue to astral project. All you need is willingness, a dollop of open-mindedness, and a jar of patience, make that a bucket.

Just so you know, the astral projection has a lot of benefits. Here is our complete guide of astral projection for beginners.

You’ve got the bliss, the knowledge of life after death, the freedom. There’s the fact that you can fly into the white house and sit on the President’s chair, then jet down to the top of the jumbotron at the Super Bowl. There’s also the part where you have access to divine entities that may be able to answer questions that have plagued you. It’s just amazing.

You probably have a lot of questions about this spiritual journey, and that’s good. You can’t be expected to just dive headfirst into an entirely strange situation.

I’ll go through some of those questions here and try my best to guide you.  Think of me as your Obi-Wan, young Skywalker.

Okay, here we go.

Can Anyone Learn Astral Projection? Astral Projection for Beginners


Anyone can astral project.

Every one of us possesses an astral body, just like we all have fingers and toes, and with a little effort, you can learn to feel it and then lift it away from your physical body. However, some factors may affect your learning of astral projection.

The first is time. Like any skill, astral projection requires time to learn. You don’t learn how to play chess like a professional in one day. No, you practice first. You put in some time to think of your moves, you lose woefully against an expert, then you go back to the board, and you modify your strategy.

It’s the same with astral projection. Patience, practice, and perseverance are key; the three Ps.

There will be starts and stops, that’s certain. You can develop in leaps and bounds for a week, and then get stuck for a month. There’s no way to predict how long it would take, so you should pack your bags for a long haul.

The next is age. From all indications, the best time to start learning to astral project is in your teens. It has little to do with their physical maturity and more with their mindset. People in this age group are yet to be convinced that astral projection is impossible.

They don’t have to work and take care of five kids while saving up for Junior’s college. This leaves them with a very unburdened and unbiased mindset, which is ideal for astral projection.

Don’t get me wrong; older individuals can still master this art. Yes, older people might struggle to let go of their responsibilities and doubts. But they are usually better at studying and sticking to a schedule.

The last is a strong desire to learn or determination. Do you really want to learn? There has to be passion hot enough to keep you warm during cold days without progress.

Do I Astral Project in My Sleep?


Now, this is tricky. Some spiritual teachers will tell you that dreams do not come from your mind but the astral plane, and you go there every night to have them.

And even ancient beliefs say that your soul leaves your body and travels in the astral plane, and you don’t remember this when you wake up. 

I disagree and agree, funny right?

Well, I believe that your astral body may be active while you sleep and may try to leave, but it actually doesn’t. The falling sensation just before you wake up might just be your astral body crashing into your physical form in the beginnings of a potential projection.

Astral projection is a conscious experience.  

You can have out-of-body experiences like lucid dreaming while sleeping, though.

Is It Safe to Astral Project?


Before you begin any trip, you check the news and the weather forecast, because you obviously don’t want your new clothes wet.  So, I understand why you would ask this.

With astral projection, the stakes seem a bit higher. You’ll have questions like, “Is it possible to go too far and not be able to come back? Are there hostile entities in the astral plane? Can I die?”

Well, the truth is this. Astral projection can be safe; it can also be a rollercoaster ride with no seatbelt. If you are in the right frame of mind and you have a guide, astral projection can be a beautiful experience. When these conditions are not met, however, you might not be as safe as you would like.

With no training, you can stumble into a lot of sticky situations like projecting in a wrong state of mind and interacting with low vibrational entities

Projecting in a wrong state of mind – like anger or hurt, might attract low vibrational entities that attach themselves to you and leech off of your energy, leaving you feeling disgruntled and weary when you wake up. They can also turn your astral experience into a scene from a horror movie.

This may affect your mind.

So, until you get to the stage where you can just drop into the astral plane for a quick look and pop out again whenever you wish, make sure to go in with your learner’s wheels.

Can You Die From Astral Projection?


While that question might be impossible to answer, I mean, seriously, if anyone has died during an astral projection, they won’t be able to come back to tell us, I think it is highly unlikely that you can die in the astral plane.

You’ve got your dear old, durable astral cord, your guardians to protect you and the white light within you to ward off evil.

I advise caution, yes. We should always be careful.

But you should remember that there is risk in every activity. Don’t let your fear hold you back. Accept it, embrace it, and move onward.

Is There Any Real Proof of Astral Projection?


There hasn’t been any conclusive evidence disproving or confirming the existence of astral projection scientifically, although the U.S. did do some research on the matter.

However, some studies have made remarkable insights into astral projection.

One such study was conducted in 2014 at the University of Ottawa’s School of Psychology. A woman who could astral project was put under an fMRI machine for an hour and asked to perform some movements with her astral body. The researchers monitored the activity in different parts of her brain during those projections.

They found out that she did indeed show activity in her brain that correlated with motion. Sadly, that didn’t actually prove the existence of astral projection conclusively. It proved that something was going on in her head at that time but didn’t actually prove that she was elsewhere while it was happening.

I understand that people may need proof, but the most reliable way to prove astral projection is to learn to do it yourself. There is no contemporary scientific measuring tool for astral projection, so if you need proof before you attempt it, be prepared to grow a long and very white beard.

Who Shouldn’t Astral Project?


Astral projection can really be a beautiful experience, but under some conditions, it would be better if you thought long and hard before you begin to learn about it.

One of those exceptional cases would be people with sleep apnea. These people involuntarily stop breathing for short periods while asleep, causing them to wake up gasping for air.

Now, when astral traveling, your body doesn’t move. You can see how that would be a severe problem if an episode strikes while you’re astral projecting.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone on medications that cause drowsiness or difficulty in breathing to go astral projecting while on those drugs. I also don’t recommend using hallucinogens to induce astral projection.

You may have an encounter that would require you to hightail it back into your body and stay awake. Going back to sleep under the effect of those drugs at that moment would be… unpleasant.

Another sure-fire way to get on the unpleasant side of things is to project in a wrong state of mind. Negative thoughts and fears attract low vibrational entities like honey attracts Winnie de Pooh.

So people that are depressed, suicidal or project with a dishonest mindset should think twice before projecting. Those thoughts move you to a vibration that is close to those of the astral ‘meanies’, and you sure do not want them to latch on to you.

The Astral plane is a whole universe of wonders that you can unlock and experience with just a little training. Zipping through the planes and conversing with the divine can be your reality too. Remember that we are always here to answer any questions you have about astral projection, and once you succeed, we’d love to hear about it from you.

Good luck and may the astral force be with you!


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