Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel

The archangel Uriel is given his name, which means ‘God is light‘ or the ‘light of God‘ and, as such, is thought to be the angel of light. One of the highest powers in the heavens, Uriel is known to be able to lift us to greater spiritual heights and if we call upon him, he will guide us and be there for us.

In this article, we want to get to know the archangel Uriel a little more deeply, looking at who he is and what he does as well as how you can tell when he is near.

Who Is The Archangel Uriel?


As we have mentioned, Urial is an angel associated with light and illumination, but he is also very closely associated with wisdom, hence his ability to help us reach new spiritual heights.

Angels are said to be in groups and Uriel belongs to a larger group of angels which are often called the Illuminated Seraphim. What is so special about this particular group of angels is that it is believed that they sit closest to the creator, the divine, God or however you wish to refer to this power.

Not only does this mean that Uriel can offer a direct connection to God but he is also able to reflect God’s light.

When we talk about the light of God, as humans, we are unable to imagine how bright and luminous this light is and Uriel has been tasked with demonstrating this to us in ways that we can understand.

For this reason, he is frequently referred to as an angel of the presence, showing us God’s presence despite our inability to truly understand it.

How Does The Archangel Uriel Appear?


When we read the Bible, we are led to believe that Uriel was the angel who contacted Noah to let him know about the mighty flood that God was about to send.

Uriel has been heavily referred to in spiritual artwork over the centuries and as a result of his association with light, is often depicted through fire, electricity and lightning. He is also frequently pictured armed with a scroll, on which are the answers to lives burning questions.

This is concerning his infinite wisdom. He may also be shown carrying a lamp or a light which is used to symbolise his guidance throughout our lives.

What Does The Archangel Uriel Do?


Primarily, Uriel’s angelic role is to guide us to higher spirituality and he does this through his guiding light and illumination.

As humans, we are on a separate vibrational frequency to those in the spirit realm but it is possible to raise our frequency for a deeper connection and Uriel has the power to help us do this.

Additionally, he can help us to develop our inner power and accelerate a shift to levels of consciousness that we previously could not achieve.

Quite often, we search for answers in material things or in other people, when in reality, those answers lie within ourselves. The archangel Uriel can show us how to tap into this inner wisdom and use it to navigate our way through life.

There are many areas of our lives that require immense healing whether this is our creativity, judgement, spirituality or anything else and one of the main roles of Uriel is to heal these areas and allow us to be freer. He has the power to give us a more pure emotional and mental understanding of life.

Wisdom can come in many forms and the archangel Uriel is known to help in a variety of life’s situations relating to this such as education, self-understanding and inspiration.

How Do I Know When The Archangel Uriel Is Near?


As with all angels, Uriel will let you know of his presence and the more receptive we are to this, the more likely we are to notice him. When he is near, you will be likely to notice any of the following signs.

  • If your intuition is heightened, this could be a sign that the archangel Uriel is attempting to deliver a message to you or show you something important.
  • You may also notice that your mind becomes full of negative thoughts, whilst this may not seem like something an angel would do, this is Uriel’s way of challenging you to tackle unpleasant or negative issues in your life.
  • Since Uriel is often closely associated with creativity, he may encourage your creative flow and you may get an overwhelming urge to create.
  • You may see sparks of electricity.
  • Uriel is often known to encourage us to use our wisdom to help others and can often cause us to have the urge to do so.

The Red Ray Light


Every archangel is associated with a colour and in the case of Uriel, this is red. His red ray is closely associated with wisdom and serving others and is believed to help guide us into making the right decisions.

This red light is often represented through gemstones of corresponding colours as well as having a close connection with both the root chakra and the solar plexus chakra.

In addition to being linked to certain chakras and traits, the angelic red-ray light is often thought to be linked to a certain day of the week – Friday. For this reason, many believers claim that this is the best day to reflect on Uriel, his message and his work and many people reach out to him on this day.

How To Reach Out To The Archangel Uriel


Praying to the angels is a sure-fire way to grab their attention and let them know that you need their help but many people, as we have mentioned, believe that Friday is the best day to contact Uriel.

Quite often, people will meditate and visualise the bright red light that is associated with this angelic being. At the same time as doing this, a chant can be sung or a prayer spoken.

Many people also believe that the use of red stones and crystals alongside spiritual images can be used on an angel alter.


The archangel Uriel is mentioned in belief systems from around the world and is commonly thought to be the angel who can show us the light of God. He is also able to provide us with great wisdom which allows us to make our way through life.

This wisdom stretches over a wide array of aspects including our service to others, education and creativity, so much so that one of the main signs that Uriel is trying to speak to you is through a heightened desire to create.

As with all angels, Uriel’s mission is to guide and serve us and whilst he does reach out to us in a variety of ways, it is perfectly possible to summon him for help whenever we need it through meditation and prayer

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