Archangel Azrael

Meet Azrael – The Angel of Death

Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael, who is also commonly referred to as The Angel Of Death is a spiritual figure who is closely associated with the Christian and Islamic faiths but also makes an appearance in a variety of other religious and spiritual concepts from around the world.

There are realms and realms of archangels and some of these are names that we are very familiar with – Gabriel, Michael and Raphael are a few of the names which spring to mind when we hear the term archangel.

However, some of the archangels are not as frequently referred to in day to day spiritual conversation and therefore, many people do not know very much about them.

In this article, we are going to get to know The Angel Of Death – Azrael, what his purpose is and what he is responsible for.

Who Is The Archangel Azrael?

An archangel is one of the higher ranking entities of this class and is thought to have been specially appointed by God to serve and assist those of us in the physical realm. Each of the archangels is given an area of expertise and in the case of Azrael, this is death.

When we talk about death, especially a spirit related to it, we often picture the age-old image of the Grim Reaper, a dark hooded figure who carries a scythe and pounces at the hour of our passing. But the truth is rather more beautiful as the Archangel Azrael is known to help humans pass over into the afterlife as their time here on earth comes to an end.

The Hebrew name Azrael carries a meaning of ‘whom God helps’ and this is related to the way that he assists humans as they transition from one plane to another.

One of the main reasons that so many people are unfamiliar with this particular archangel is that he only makes an appearance at the end of our lives – we have no real connection with him for the most part.

That being said, Azrael is known to provide comfort for those who are grieving and deliver messages to us as we get closer to our final breath.

What Does The Archangel Azrael Do?

As we have already discovered, the archangel Azrael has many responsibilities surrounding death and whilst one of his main duties is to take human souls from their physical body into the spiritual realm, he also plays a part in other aspects of death.

For some people, this angel may begin visiting many years before death arrives, delivering messages from beyond which are known to be extremely loving and compassionate. These messages serve as a way of guiding us through the final stages of our lives, showing us the right path and allowing us to live the best life possible.

In addition to this, he will provide comfort and healing to anyone going through a period of grief after a loved one has passed.

Life Review

When we die, it can often be difficult for us to make a smooth transition from one realm to another but the archangel Azrael is known to aid in this transition. Once death occurs, Azrael will help us to make our way through seven planetary spheres which are sometimes referred to as the Heavenly Halls.

During this spiritual process, the soul will go through what is known as a life review. Each of the spheres provides the soul with a chance to review, in-depth, different aspects of the life they have lived and is thought to be an extremely powerful and moving experience.

Many people who have come close to dying and survived have reported that their life flashes before their eyes, and this is commonly believed to be the life review taking place.

Before you are born into your human form, your soul creates a Sacred Contract – this is simply a set of goals that it wishes to achieve during the time it has on earth, during the life review, these goals will be reviewed.

For a lot of people, this is a daunting concept but it is important to remember that whilst this may a formality of the spiritual realm, it most certainly is not a judgemental one.

As the soul goes through this process, there are sure to be a lot of confronting issues, for the most part, souls who are having to face the suffering that they have caused to other people whilst on earth the most challenging aspect of the life review.

That being said, with Azrael as a guide, souls are able to reflect, understand and ultimately find healing through this process. In addition, the soul can better itself through working with various other entities who will take part in the life review demonstrating wisdom, guidance and support along the way.

The journey is thought to be made up of a healing portion and a learning portion so that the soul is then able to move on to its next journey.

It is commonly believed that once this process has taken place, the soul is ready to set further goals for its next birth – whether that be on earth once again or in the spirit world.

How Can Azrael Help In This Life?

The prospect of having to wait until we pass over to the other side to learn life lessons feels somewhat unfair but this is where Azrael may be able to help us in our life on earth.

It is understood that we are able to call upon the archangel Azrael to learn and heal whilst still remaining on earth. Doing this is no mean feat, however, since one would need to raise their spirit energy to sufficient levels in order to gain access to the goals that your soul set before birth.

Additionally, Azrael may also be able to show you things from lives you have already lived, allowing you to apply this knowledge to your current existence.

How Does Azrael Help Those Who Are Grieving?

For those of us who remain here on earth, the archangel Azrael can help us to gain a greater understanding of the thin line between death and life, this often translates into an understanding that those we have ‘lost’ are not all that far away after all.

Besides, this newfound respect and understanding of death can provide us with a motivation to take advantage of the limited time we have here on earth, allowing us to take as many life lessons as possible from this experience.

One of the most interesting things that Azrael may have to offer is that he can teach us that, no matter our status whilst on earth, none of this is carried over to the spiritual realm and that the most important thing to focus on is soul growth and development.

The archangel Azrael is poised to help anyone looking to let go of materialistic obsessions, regrets or guilt and will help them in finding peace and spiritual growth.

When we lost a loved one, one of the first things that many people think to do is to contact the soul of the deceased and sadly this practice is frequently fruitless but with the assistance of the archangel Azrael, this becomes much more of a possibility.

Whilst he is able to put you into direct contact with those who have passed over, it is more likely that he will help you to determine signs that your loved one is close by.

The pain of losing someone you are close to is not comparable to anything else but one of the things that Azrael can do is to absorb a lot of the pain we feel, giving us renewed energy and the ability to continue with our lives despite our loss.

Preparing Others For Death

Not only can Azrael help to make the transition from life to death and support those in the throes of grief, but he can also work with people who are helping to prepare others for the onset of death.

Whilst they may not be directly aware of this, Azrael is near to nurses, members of the clergy and hospice workers amongst others as they provide comfort and support for people whose souls are about to move into the afterlife.

Calling Upon The Archangel Azrael

For many of us, our first encounter with Azrael will be as our soul passes from this earth to the spirit world, but it is possible to call upon him for assistance during our lives and there are many reasons why you might wish to do this.

For example, you may call on him for help when you are close to death or someone you know is going through their final days. You may also call upon him for support during times of grief. Doing so simply requires a short prayer and a lot of faith.

Conclusion – Find Comfort In The Angel Of Death

Death is not what many of us perceive, darkness, evil and pain all come to mind, but rather a gentle and compassionate angel who has been appointed by a higher power to help us move effortlessly into the spiritual realm.

Not only does this archangel comfort the dying but he also provides support and strength for those who are struggling with the grief after their loved one has departed.

Whilst this may not be an angel that everyone is familiar with, he can be summoned for guidance and support at any time with a prayer. When your time comes to pass over, Azrael will be there to meet and guide you along your continuing spiritual journey.

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